Moka Smart City proudly hosts the first stage of the Urban Trail League


17 Mar 2020

Moka Smart City proudly hosts the first stage of the Urban Trail League

The first stage of the Urban Trail League, the City Sport Urban Night Trail took place in the heart of the island on Saturday 29 February. Throwback to an evening sporting event which vibrated with the spirit of Moka.

Saturday 29 February, 6pm. More than 500 runners equipped with flashlights and glow bracelets were gathered in the parking area of Bagatelle Mall to take the start of the City Sport Urban Night Trail. This 8km urban trail run led them through a new route in the heart of Moka Smart City and the surroundings. In spite of the rain, after a few hours of competitive or relaxed, fun running, Mamade Dookun finished first in the men’s race and Melina Chuttoo won the women’s competition. After the race, participants, spectators and volunteers all gathered for the prize-giving ceremony, followed by a concert and a host of entertainment.

This event sponsored by Moka Smart City was the first of a series of six trail runs across the island. “We are very pleased to have been associated with this project. We have worked together to create a unique trail run that above all inspires all participants. We are happy to have hosted the first stage of this new urban trail league,” says the Brand Manager, Raphaëlle Lamusse.

The City Sport Urban Night Trail fitted perfectly with the values of the city and its stakeholders’ commitment to promote sports activities. It provided an excellent opportunity for the people of the region to share great moments and emotions. Moka Smart City’s developers firmly believe that through promoting friendly exchanges and energy, sport helps enjoy a good quality of life. With that in mind, the ENL Group has supported the setting up of structures like Synergy Sport & Wellness Institute and created Moka Rangers Sports Club with 10 disciplines and 525 members to date.

What is certain is that athletes from all backgrounds can rely on Moka Smart City to keep them busy with sports activities all year round! With key events like the Moka Trail or the Moka Tennis Open, the city continually strives to offer major infrastructure and competitions to the Mauritian people, and proudly sponsors initiatives taking place in the region.