Moka hosts its first Happy Hour!


06 Jan 2020

Moka hosts its first Happy Hour!

Vivéa Business Park’s Piazza hosted its first Happy-Hour, Mo’relax on Friday 20 December 2019. A nice way to end the year with a smile!

Mo’relax was the first Happy-Hour ever hosted by Vivéa Business Park on Friday 20 December 2019. The timing of the event themed “Nwel Tropikal” (Tropical Christmas) organised by the local agency, Event Creators was perfect. The employees in attendance had the chance to enjoy a live performance by a mainstay of the local music scene, Hans Nayna from 7pm to 8pm. The friendly atmosphere turned festive when he took to the stage!

Entertainment was provided by a lively playlist before and after the concert, and a bar was available for guests. This casual after-work is set to become an essential event in Moka. If the first events are successful, it will be held every month at the same location.

This casual afterwork is set to become an essential event in Moka.

Mo’relax is aimed at enhancing the attractiveness of the offering of Vivéa Business Park, which aspires to be a great place to work and meet people. The complex currently houses 50 companies, including BDO Solutions, Architects Studio, ENL, Turbine and Fashion Heights with a total of some 1,500 employees. “When we organised our first event at Vivéa Business Park, we immediately realised that the venue could host a different kind of event,” says the Director of Event Creators, Ben Javed Peerbux. “More than just a workplace, it is a space for meetings and gatherings. Moreover, Moka is developing on different fronts – property, business and leisure, among others – with the participation of local people. But what was missing was actually a fun, casual Happy Hour.”

With 500 parking spaces, Vivéa Business Park is also the ideal destination for those who drive to work... or to Happy Hour!