It is true that once the dishes are done, the floor is swept, the Zoom meeting is over, the kids’ hair is done and the dog has been fed, we could continue cleaning, look up for alarming statistics on the pandemic or start a countdown to the end of lockdown. We can also use this time to enjoy ourselves, spoil ourselves, and all the while learn something new. Follow the guide!

1. Stay active

You don’t need a gym or the latest equipment to get active. You only need to put on a good pair of shoes and find a little spot in the house. The good news is that many athletes are offering online sessions during lockdown! Two complimentary activities are provided by the Moka’mwad collective, the Zumba lockdown sessions and the Kids Gym lockdown sessions.

2. Take a course

Learning has never been so accessible. There is no longer any excuse with the MOOC’s online courses, YouTube tutorials, webinars (just type “webinars” on Facebook!) and TED Talks!

Le Wagon, astuces
Le Wagon
  • Le Wagon has just moved in at Les Kocottes and is holding a series of free webinars during lockdown on mostly coding-related topics.
  • Creative expression and writing workshops: an opportunity to express yourself through art and writing.

This week’s theme: The spice route

There are workshops for children, adults (in groups) and individuals. For more information, send an email to: [email protected]

3. Bonding with your children (while having fun)

astuces confinement

Without their friends, activities and usual routines, your children are likely to get bored and constantly call for your attention. Instead of getting exasperated, take this temporary break as quality time to spend together. Take out the paint brushes, recipe books and board games, and enjoy these moments to the fullest.

Some free online resources:

@Lamaison – Mauritius Facebook group: for fun activity ideas and interaction with other Mauritian parents who are in lockdown with their family like you.

Instagram accounts : | @esra_selcukblgn | @beckys_treasure_baskets

Audible: Amazon is offering free children’s podcasts during the pandemic. A great selection of stories in six different languages for rainy afternoons.

Ella’s Kitchen: for plenty of colourful recipes for the little ones.

4. Go Green

Now is the time to learn how to limit your environmental footprint. Start planting; learn how to make your own natural and eco-friendly cleaning and beauty products at home; find information on recycling options available in your neighbourhood; eat less meat; unplug your unused appliances or donate them to a local environmental organisation.

  • Waste sorting in Moka: a guide to the waste sorting services available in the city
  • Zero Waste Mauritius Facebook group: for zero waste ideas
  • ACTogether: to find an NGO
  • Zardin Papou: a shop for all your gardening needs and home-made products. They hold a WAP and are therefore allowed to open

5. Take the time to take your time

Confinement is also a good time for letting go. Give yourself that moment to rest, meditate, take long baths, turn a blind eye on the mess and spend hours on the phone – especially with your close ones who are left to their own devices. And why not reconnect with your body during a morning online movement session with Daphné Amaya?

Meditation app: Headspace | Calm

Visit for all online events during the lockdown period!

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