Home delivery during lockdown!

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21 Apr 2020

Home delivery during lockdown!

While the national lockdown is expected to last until at least 4 May 2020, an increasing number of Mauritian people are choosing to have their supplies delivered to their home. Living in Moka, would you like a complete list of shops and restaurants providing home delivery services? Moka’s blog provides you with a few contacts!

How can we effectively tackle the COVID-19 challenge? The best way is to stay home, of course! Some people have understood that. To avoid any risk of contamination, increasing numbers of us are getting our food supplies delivered to our home. It not only helps keep us safe and healthy, but it is also the most convenient option for single parents who cannot leave their children home alone or for families with no means of transport to get to the supermarket.

Fortunately, we can rely on the great support and service offered by retailers and producers across the island to ensure uninterrupted supply. In order to help everyone organise their supplies, we have put up a list of wholesalers, supermarkets, restaurants and some reliable options to have your groceries delivered to your home – or to a collection point – and allow you to continue eating as usual.

General foodstuffs

Many retail outlets and distributors have adapted to this challenging situation to offer a maximum number of products online. You can therefore do your shopping without leaving home! Please note that a minimum order value sometimes applies for delivery service.


• Fruit and vegetables

Healthy eating is important throughout the lockdown period. Our producers and retailers have clearly understood this! Many of them are therefore offering ready-prepared baskets. There are also regularly updated bulk product lists, so feel free to check them out regularly and/or call the retailers and producers directly. Some types of fruit or vegetables are more scarce than others at this time of the year, so take the opportunity to try some new local flavours!


• Food packs

It is often easier for families to choose a complete food pack that will suit young and old alike. Some online stores therefore offer ready-made food baskets for all your needs.


• Seafood

The advantage of living on an island is that we can enjoy a great selection of seafood throughout the year! Please note that these products are mostly frozen, but they are just as tasty.


• Chicken & eggs

Eggs and chicken are a true staple of our diet and are never out of stock on the island. Some retailers provide bulk delivery and it is advised to combine orders with neighbours, but others also deliver smaller quantities to meet their customers’ needs.


• Speciality food

As a true food lover, you don't want to give up your gourmet preferences because of lockdown and want to have choice in what you purchase and consume. Take a look at the options offered by the shops below and let your taste buds enjoy the ride:


• Bakeries, pastry shops

A loaf of fresh warm bread with your lunch or a gourmet pastry in the morning – are little pleasures that are hard to give up! Here are a few contacts to satisfy your cravings:


• Restaurants

Can’t be bothered cooking today? We’ve got you covered! After one month preparing morning, midday and evening meals, you need to give yourself a break: use the contacts below to order your favourite meal and treat yourself to a relaxing evening!


• Miscellaneous

Are you vegetarian, do you want the best for your dog, or are you looking for play ideas to keep your children entertained? Licensed non-food retailers have also got you covered.


We hope this list will make your groceries shopping much easier. If you know about other nice and reliable home delivery options in Moka, kindly send them to us for sharing with the entire Moka community!


Finally, remember that not everyone can have the same material and financial peace of mind in such a difficult situation. Showing solidarity is therefore important: join the Ansam anou ed nu bann vwazin fundraiser organised by the Moka’mwad collective to contribute to raise money to buy food packs for needy families in Moka. A selfless, supportive act that can make a difference!