Our country will move to a new lockdown phase with relaxed measures on Saturday 1 May 2021 and individual outdoor sports will be once again permitted. Are you looking for ideas to stay active and fit in the region? Follow the guide!

Want to stay active during lockdown? It is a meaningful way to deal with the disruption to our daily lives. Staying physically active helps relieve the stress and pressure caused by such a situation, but also simply relax and unwind with the resumption of individual outdoor sports activities from early May 2021.

If you are a resident of Moka, here are some ideas to stay active for all fitness levels.

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The Promenade: Choose your own pace!

The Promenade’s bike and walking tracks will in time be 3.5km long and are the best place to unwind. You may choose to walk, jog or even cycle for a workout along this nice and quiet linear park. The Promenade is a favourite spot for walkers and joggers from the break of dawn through sunset. Come and join them!

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The thrills and excitement of the Moka Bike Park

There is something for everyone, including mountain bikers with the Moka Bike Park, a thrill-seekers’ wonderland in Helvétia! This park designed for mountain biking will allow you to train and reconnect with your passion without leaving the city. Access to the Bike Park is free of charge for all bike lovers.

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The Telfair amphitheatre, an outdoor sports hotspot

This 2.3-acre oval green space is open to all with a bike and walking track measuring 362m in circumference as well as an esplanade and a park. In other words, it is the perfect spot for all your outdoor sports activities: jogging, cycling, and even gymnastics and yoga!

The mountain ranges in the heart of the island and their trail running paths

Trail running and hiking enthusiasts know that Moka is the starting point for various trail runs in the heart of the island! In 2020, the smart city marked out six trail routes with 250 signs to direct them.

Sports individuels, chantier trail
sports individuels, chantiers trail, montagne moka

The following routes are available from Moka:

Starting at the foot of Le Pouce:

  • La Classique du Pouce (3.8km)
  • Le Dauguet (12km)
  • Le Grand Pouce (18km)
  • Moka Range Challenge (28km)

Starting at La Laura:

  • Les Deux Mamelles (7km)
  • Le Petit Both (14.6km)

You can also add some competition to your workout by recording your performance on the Strava application: an annual ranking will be published, with rewards for the champions! There are four distances to choose from:

Off-mountain running

In addition to a beautiful mountain range and marked trails, there are more accessible trails in the Moka area around Helvétia, Courchamps and Telfair. The sugarcane fields on the edge of these neighbourhoods and the Promenade will allow you to enjoy nature within the city. These trails are available to cross-country athletes and recreational walkers or joggers, and are highly popular with locals. If you don’t know the area and don’t want to figure out your own route, you can still look up for the MOKA LOOP segment (Helvétia-Gentilly-Telfair-Courchamps-Helvétia) on the Strava application to guide you.

Do you prefer working out from home?

We have something for you too! The Moka’mwad collective has been offering three complimentary online activities since the beginning of lockdown: the Zumba sessions every Monday from 5:30pm and on Saturdays from 7:45am; the Kids Gym on Tuesdays from 4pm to 5pm; and Yoga classes every Thursday from 5:30pm.

Designed to be carried out without taking up much space at home, they offer you the comfort of working out from your living room, on your own or with your family, soaking in positive energy. Follow the Moka’mwad page for more details.

There is no longer any excuse to remain a couch potato and binge series on Netflix!

2 Responses to “Individual sports: A few tips to work out in Moka”

June 22, 2021 at 3:17 pm , Nasreen Razzak said:

The newsletter is very informative and well presented.
I am a teacher at Le Bocage International School, Moka and i am the CAS/Service coordinator.
Our IB students are required to be involved in Creativity, Activity & Service experiences ( CAS).
I have shared with them the ‘Great spots for individual sports’ for their ‘Activity’ experience.
Bocage students are also caring members of the community and work with various NGO’s & organisations.
As we are located in Moka, we would be happy to help and be involved in your projects.
I shall look forward to hear from you.


July 05, 2021 at 8:35 am , Moka Smart City said:

Thank you for your message. Please send your request on [email protected]


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