We know that when there is an urgent meeting to attend or a report to finish, we can barely find the time to have lunch. We have therefore selected for you a few places to eat well and fast!

Pains & Moulins

Pains & Moulins is an essential stop for the locals. In addition to the traditional French baguettes and croissants, the bakery-pastry shop offers some light lunch options: quinoa salad, pizza slices, sandwiches, panini or quiches. There is a nice choice and you can have lunch on the go, sitting at the counter facing the street to enjoy a bite to eat, or munching a sandwich on the way to your next appointment! Visit the bakery at its new address, next to Nature’s Basket in Les Allées.

Pains & Moulins
Les Allées Commercial Centre, Helvétia, Moka
T : (+230) 5777 0672
E : [email protected]

Mo Ti Bazz

Next to the roundabout at the entrance to Moka (where the former Shell filling station used to be), Mo Ti Bazz is definitely THE unmissable eatery in Moka. The food may not be haute cuisine but steamed dumplings (served in a broth or salad) and noodles (fried, boiled, with vegetables, eggs, meat, chicken, etc.) are a favourite for many. Do you have a big appetite? Order the all-in-one “Mine frite viande avec supplement boulettes” (Fried noodles with meat and extra dumplings). Tasty meals served in no time in a super-friendly atmosphere, what more could you ask for?

Mo Ti Bazz
MGI roundabout
T : 5771 3517 / 433 0505
F : facebook.com/motibazz

Star Deg

Since its opening in 2002, Star Deg claims to be the best restaurant in Mauritius for biryani – and we tend to agree! The undeniable advantage of Kendra’s Star Deg in Saint Pierre is its vegetarian option, which is not available in the group’s three other restaurants. Of course, the classic lamb, chicken and fish biryani are available and you can enjoy them with a fresh Pepsi, in pure Mauritian style – a true delight! You can even have your biryani delivered free of charge!

Star Deg Restaurant
Kendra Commercial Centre
St Pierre
Free delivery : (+230) 5702 3007
W : stardeg.com

Pit-Za pitstop by Yo L’Artisan

Yo is short for Yohann Serret, and Pit-Za is his pizza parlour in Montagne Ory. A special menu is available every day with pizzas that have evocative names like Port Mathurin (octopus, chilli, onion, lemon), Creole (Creole sausages, mushrooms, coriander) and Oté La Réunion. The set menu features the classics (Regina, Hawaiian, Four-Cheese, etc.) or you can treat yourself to the original flavours of the delicious Moroccan, Alaskan or Indian pizzas. Keep a close eye on the Facebook page to follow Yo’s inspirations of the moment (he sometimes prepares burgers or original recipes like “salted fish, eggplant and honey”). You probably deserve special recognition if you manage to pronounce the pizzeria’s name without twisting your tongue!

Pit-Za pitstop by Yo
Montagne Ory, Moka
T : 5775 7990

E : [email protected]
F : facebook.com/pitzapitstop

Mine Mangouste

Mine Mangouste

Also for those with the more daring taste buds…

The residents of Moka will tell you that some places are so well-known that they don’t need to have a name (an official one, at least). They are recognised by their approximate location or their irresistible specialities. Such is the case for Mangouste (or “Mine Saint Pierre”), at the crossroads of Bois Chéri and L’Agrément Roads in Saint Pierre, along with Algoo Snack in front of the Moka Post-Office. Their noodles with lima beans have become a must-eat in the area! The same applies for “Prem”, the best place to eat “roti” and “dal-pouri” flatbreads near the Saint Pierre market. Finally, head for the street by the Saint Pierre post office, near the Badal hardware store, for a snack bar that sells delicious kebab breads, but also roti and bread loaves filled with curry. Bon appétit!

Mangouste : Facebook page