As the summer vibes start to settle, the desire to get back in shape returns. There’s no need to wait for your New Year’s resolutions to join us every Tuesday for a body fitness class! This new complimentary activity is offered by Lacnor together with the Moka’mwad collective.

Exuding well-being

C’est au mois d’octobre qu’a été lancé ce nouveau cours de body fitness, destiné aux habitants et au public de Moka. Quels que soient votre âge et votre niveau, vous êtes invités à y participer ! Tonifier, renforcer, muscler, sculpter, voici les objectifs que vous vous fixerez sous l’œil avisé de votre personal fitness coach, Haviyel. Avec plus de neuf ans d’expérience, Haviyel sait mettre son public en confiance, dans un environnement propice au dépassement de soi. Après cette séance d’exercice intense, vous… transpirerez le bien-être !

Lacnor, your health partner

“We have a hectic lifestyle and often forget to take care of ourselves. What if we took a break? We want to encourage the Mauritian people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This means eating well, getting a full night’s sleep and exercising to free up your body and mind,” says Lacnor juices’ brand owner, Shehzad Kara.

Lacnor shares these values and this commitment to promoting a more balanced life with the Moka’mwad collective. They are joining forces to make sports accessible to the general public free of charge.

“Moka’mwad is delighted with this collaboration! We are looking for other partnerships to support this kind of sports, cultural or charitable citizen initiatives,” says the collective’s manager, Ketty Lim Ka Lan. “It is an opportunity to improve the brand’s visibility without requiring heavy logistics. We provide the infrastructure and equipment, and we take care of communicating about the event. It is a win-win situation.”

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Telfair, the pulsing heart of the island!

The body fitness classes take place at the Telfair Amphitheatre, which has become well-known for hosting various cultural and sporting events. The neighbourhood is set within a convenient location in the centre of Moka Smart City, in the heart of the island. It attracts people working and living in the area, and even young students from the surroundings. Its Zen atmosphere and picturesque setting make it a highly attractive place for an outdoor break.

Safety measures

For the health and comfort of everyone, classes are limited to 50 participants for the time being. Registration can be completed online, on a first come first served basis! You will then receive a confirmation email. There will be a temperature check for each participant before the sessions and hand sanitiser will be provided. Social distancing measures will be in place during each session. Everything is designed to offer you a relaxing – yet very active! – break away from the hassles of everyday life.

Put on your sport outfit, grab a bottle of water (or Lacnor juice) and see you next Tuesday

Body Fitness

Every Tuesday
At the Telfair Amphitheatre


Places are limited to 50 participants

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