Moka'mwad fundraiser for residents of Moka


01 Apr 2020

Moka'mwad fundraiser for residents of Moka

In response to the health emergency caused by COVID-19, solidarity among neighbours has become essential to ensure everyone’s well-being, including vulnerable groups. That is why the citizen collective , Moka’mwad is running a fundraising campaign called “Ansam anou ed nou bann vwazin” on the Small Step Matters crowdfunding platform in conjunction with ENL Foundation.

As citizens, it is the duty of the people living and working in Moka to provide the necessary support. This is why the Moka’mwad collective is appealing to your generosity for the fundraiser. Our goal is to buy food packs for distribution to needy families in the region. Together, let’s show our solidarity and help our most disadvantaged neighbours get through this challenging period more easily.

“In these testing times, Moka’mwad is committed to helping the needy in Moka. We are launching the fundraiser, Ansam anou ed nou bann vwazin to promote and enhance mutual assistance among neighbours by matching each donation made with the help of ENL Foundation,” says the collective’s manager, Ketty Lim Ka Lan.

The fundraiser seeks to cultivate a sense of solidarity and mutual support among neighbours and aims to distribute food supplies to the beneficiary families through the region’s association networks. ENL Foundation provides direct support to a hundred underprivileged families in Moka. For this fundraiser, the entity will join forces with a number of the region’s NGOs to expand its reach and help as many needy families as possible around Moka.

“Donn seki to kapav, li pou kont 2 fwa plis pou to vwazin”
(Give what you can. It will have twice as much value for your neighbour)

The goal of the fundraiser is to collect up to Rs 300,000 to cover the purchase of 150 food baskets. The Moka’mwad citizen collective undertakes to match all donations up to Rs 150,000 in order to encourage the people of the region to show generosity and help their neighbours in such uncertain times. The amount collected will be evenly distributed among all participating associations in Moka to buy food packs.

“Many families in Moka are struggling at this time. There are currently about a hundred of them within our network. They need help and our solidarity is their only solace in this worrying situation,” says ENL Foundation’s Manager, Mario Radegonde.

How to contribute to the fundraiser?

Thank you for your generous support to all those people living or working in Moka who want to make a donation! Making a contribution to help your neighbours in need is easy: go to, select the project “Ansam anou ed nou bann vwazin par Moka’mwad” and follow the steps to complete your donation. Don’t forget that all your donations will be matched by the Moka’mwad collective. Together, let’s lend a hand to our neighbours – Ansam anou ed nou bann vwazin!