Moka gets into the Zumba vibe!


08 Jan 2020

Moka gets into the Zumba vibe!

The Moka’mwad citizen collective has been organising complimentary Zumba classes since November 2019. And to say the least, it has proved a hit with the residents of Moka Smart City!

Zumba has become a global social phenomenon. Originally from Colombia, this combination of dance with fitness has swept everyone off their feet. Zumba features music as varied as the dances that inspire it, helping you burn calories in a fun way. And those participating in the sessions held at the Telfair amphitheatre have understood that.

More than 200 of them are already attending the Monday evening and Saturday morning classes. And the number keeps growing with each new session. The first thing that strikes you when you look at them is that Zumba brings together a diversity of people. It is also suitable for adults and children alike.

The classes are conducted by Benjamin Lekh, a certified Zumba instructor with extensive international experience. “He’s entertaining and funny. It’s obvious that he knows what he’s doing. He pushes us to our limits, and I love it!” says one of the regulars, Anabel Brunet.

Benjamin makes every effort to avoid routine. The music changes for each session. “There is a great diversity of participants, just like the Mauritian people. I therefore try to please everyone by including Creole, Bollywood and international songs,” he says. Taking the concept one step further, he adds that thematic sessions will soon be available: “For example, we could play songs from a specific year or period.”

Following the success of the weekly classes, new events are also planned for specific audiences like children. Other instructors could also join in to spice things up even more!

If you haven’t yet dared to participate, now is the time to get started! The classes are – and will remain – free of charge and beginners quickly become regulars. So why not you?

Useful information

Outdoor sessions have been taking place at the Telfair amphitheatre on Mondays (6pm-7pm) and Saturdays (7.45am-8.45am) since 11 November 2019. Only bad weather and public holidays can prompt participants not to attend!

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