Neighbours’ Days in Moka!


19 Dec 2019

Neighbours’ Days in Moka!

The Moka’mwad collective, whose objective is to improve the living standards in Moka, has recently brightened the lives of hundreds of citizens. Neighbours’ Days were held on 13 and 14 December in various parts of the region. We take a look back at this enjoyable initiative that promotes sharing and community life.

Anyone who has been looking for the perfect home at least once in their life knows that the neighbourhood counts for a lot! There’s nothing like getting along with other people in your neighbourhood or building. Forming friendships with your neighbours makes you feel naturally more comfortable in your surroundings. For example, we come across people who smile at us and greet us when leaving our home. It is also very useful to be able to rely on each other. You need an essential ingredient for your recipe and the corner store is closed? You are wondering if you are the only ones without electricity? Your pet has strayed from home? You can always ask the neighbours!

A little party goes a long way in establishing or improving relationships among neighbours. And the residents of Courchamps, Camp Samy, Gentilly, Telfair, and Helvétia would certainly agree with that. These Moka Smart City neighbourhoods sprung to life for the Neighbours’ Day. The Moka’mwad collective is always ready to promote positive initiatives and lent its support by providing the communication materials (invitations, posters, etc.) as well as gazebos, tables, chairs and decoration. “The Moka’mwad collective was a mere facilitator for the Neighbours’ Day. All the credit goes to the residents for their sense of initiative. We were impressed by their enthusiasm and dynamism for this project,” says Ketty Lim, who is in charge of the citizens’ collective.

This is notably the case for Jérôme, a police officer residing at Camp Samy, who worked tirelessly to organise the event held at the Village Hall of Moka from 6pm to 9pm on Saturday 14 December. He used his extensive network to create a collective energy. “I am deeply attached to the Mauritian way of coexisting. Personally, when I talk about community, of course I refer to Camp Samy, which counts Mauritians from all backgrounds. We sometimes know each other by sight or by name, but we haven’t always had the opportunity to develop strong ties. That is clearly the aim of this initiative,” he says. In order to pursue this vision, Jérôme and his friends have set up a committee to organise the Neighbours’ Day. He explains enthusiastically: “We met twice a week to plan everything. We went door knocking to invite over a hundred families, and I must say that we received a great welcome.” The event brought to life the creative energy of an entire community. Local companies and small businesses even provided the necessary resources free of charge!

The success of this neighbourhood festival and other such events should lead to many more editions in the future!