With the easing of sanitary measures around outdoor sports, Moka’mwad is back with a new complimentary workout for people living and working in Moka as well as the public at large. The citizen collective cares about life balance and wants to broaden the range of activities available at the Telfair Amphitheatre. From now on, “I can’t, I’ve got my Body Combat session” will be your favourite excuse every Thursday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm, starting 22 July 2021. Still need persuading? Here are 9 good reasons to get started.

#1. Body Combat is based on martial arts movements

Body Combat is a fitness training that combines high-intensity cardio exercises with martial arts moves – boxing, kickboxing, karate, taekwondo or even Muay Thai – and you won’t be disappointed. It provides learners with the opportunity to develop their speed, strength and agility, leaving them feeling ready to conquer the world!

#2. A complete workout

For 55 minutes, you will alternate between warm-up, combat training, intensive cardio workout and cooling down. You will end the session with strength training exercises on the floor and stretching. This class works the whole body to develop your endurance and physical strength.

#3 An electric atmosphere

Listening to this playlist will offer you a hint of the atmosphere that prevails during these classes. New choreographed workouts are offered each quarter on a selection of 10 energising songs.

#4. Body Combat requires no equipment or contact

Body Combat is not a contact sport, so there is no risk of injury and your motivation will be the only equipment needed.

#5. Clear your body and mind

Body Combat allows you to burn 750 calories in less than an hour, with visible results after a few months and obvious physical health benefits. This workout will also help you gain self-confidence and learn to surpass yourself.

#6. Classes are offered by Ika De Lacroix, a certified Les Mills coach

Les Mills is a New Zealand-based company with partners in over 100 countries. This world-leading fitness brand has created Body Combat and provides training to all coaches who want to teach this programme around the world. A Body Combat enthusiast, Ika De Lacroix obtained her license while she was stranded in Gabon for months during the first lockdown!

#7. An invitation for everybody

There are no age, level or registration requirements. So, no excuses!

#8. It’s free of charge

You can motivate your friends to join you.

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#9. An exceptional setting

Imagine yourself under a pink late afternoon sky in the beautiful setting of the Telfair neighbourhood, with a breathtaking view of the Moka mountain range. So?

Body Combat with Ika De Lacroix

Telfair Amphitheatre, Moka
Every Thursday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Free of charge, no registration required
Only 50 places available
First come, first serve!
Open to everyone without any age limit

Please bring your sportswear and shoes as well as a bottle of water.
Note: The classes are Covid-19 safe. All participants must fill out an attendance sheet and have their temperature checked on arrival.

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