Yoga addicts will be delighted to know that Moka’mwad is launching from mid-March 2021 its fourth complimentary activity at the Telfair amphitheatre in the heart of the island to improve the health and well-being of the people of Moka. Ingeborg and Heike, two sisters from Twin Lotus tell us all about this new relaxing weekly sporting activity.

From mid-march, complimentary yoga classes will be available every Thursday between 5.30pm and 6.30pm at the Telfair amphitheatre. “This new activity aims at encouraging the people living and working in Moka to practise a sports discipline that brings a feeling of calmness. Health and well-being are our priorities. It is with this in mind that we are offering the people of Moka a variety of activities that promote relaxation, self-care and pleasant encounters!” says Ketty Lim Ka Lan, in charge of the Moka’mwad citizen collective.

Ingeborg and Heike combine three disciplines – Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga – to help you improve your balance and daily well-being. A very meaningful life philosophy for both sisters! After developing in 2016 a real addiction to acroyoga through online videos, the idea of becoming yoga teachers themselves arose in Heike and Ingeborg’s mind. They were very comfortable with the thought of making a radical life change and left behind their careers in hospitality and the airline industry to fully embrace their common passion. After receiving their Aerial Yoga certification in Thailand in 2018, followed by a Hatha Yoga certification in Rishikesh, India, they returned to Mauritius to start the Twin Lotus adventure.

“We heard about this opportunity launched in Moka by the Moka’mwad collective that matched our desire to take yoga to the heart of the island,” says Heike. “The amphitheatre is a wonderful place! The setting enables us to stay true to how we like to practise yoga: in direct contact with nature and in a unifying way!” adds Ingeborg.

The two sisters from Twin Lotus will be sharing their passion for three yoga disciplines from 18 March 2021. Here’s a few words of explanation:

Yoga Nidra

"This powerful technique will help you relax in mindfulness. Each session starts with warm-ups before focusing on guided relaxation. The results are visible at all levels: it relaxes the body, muscle tension is released and the mind is freed from emotional and mental tension. In addition, this yoga practice improves memory, boosts creativity and enhances learning!”

Yin Yoga

“This softer practice accompanied by music consists of holding the positions for a longer period of time in order to stretch the connective tissues. Stretching, bone and joint exercises, etc. are aimed at improving blood circulation and increasing flexibility while reducing stress and anxiety.”

Hatha Yoga

“Ha-tha means sun and moon. It is a branch of yoga that unites body and mind through breathing. The sessions focus on aligning the body through breath control to help the energy within us flow freely. Hatha yoga can really contribute to your vitality and peace of mind!”

Are you interested in any of these practices? Join Ingeborg and Heike every Thursday at the Telfair amphitheatre to deepen your yoga practice, or discover yoga! Admission is on registration and you only have to bring your own yoga mat, comfortable clothes as well as a towel and a bottle of water for your comfort. See you there!

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