Regular physical activity is essential to stay healthy. Especially in the current context we find ourselves, all confined at home to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Mauritius. Yannick Lincoln and the experts from Synergy Sport & Wellness Institute share their best tips to keep up your routine at home… and even encourage beginners to get moving!

For many of us, home confinement also means a drastic cutback in physical activity: we can’t play our usual outdoor sports anymore, whether on our own or with friends, walk the streets or go to a shopping centre or market. Our daily routine is severely limited but it is now more important than ever to stay active in order to burn off any excess energy. For this reason, Synergy’s experts are providing you with the most relevant advice.

Keeping a good frequency

It is of paramount importance to maintain as much physical activity as possible. You can also set a dedicated time slot in your schedule to increase it. There is no perfect time of day to exercise but you can pick a specific time according to the desired effect:

  • In the morning: working out will boost your body by helping you burn fat. Morning exercise is recommended for a more relaxed day, but take care not to rush things to avoid bodily injury.
  • At the end of the day: your body feels more alert after digestion. It is, therefore, time to build your endurance and flexibility!

Synergy’s fitness trainer, Yannick Lincoln advises us to follow a specific routine, similar to our usual one if possible. For an effective workout, it is best to allocate at least three weekly one-hour slots and allow a recovery day between sessions.

Proper preparation: a true athlete’s secret!

Working out also means taking time for yourself. According to the type of training you perform, it allows you to clear your mind, relax, or on the contrary, energise yourself. To make optimum use of your time available for working out, make sure to follow certain rules, which will turn your session into a real pleasure!

  • Prepare a suitable workout space.
  • Wear appropriate clothing, including sports shoes!
  • Have a bottle of water and a towel handy.
  • Keep the people around you away to avoid getting disturbed and stay focused.
  • Bonus: don’t forget to use a dynamic playlist to keep you motivated!

What activities should you favour?

What are the risks of training at home without equipment? Overworking without proper warm-up. Improper movement can easily cause injury: make sure to choose a workout that is right for your level. Synergy’s experts recommend that you use this period to exercise the whole body by varying your workout: cardio, strength, yoga/stretching, firming, etc. For guidance, feel free to check out the videos available on Synergy’s Facebook page for optimum training!

Keep in mind that any “functional” movement is good for your daily calorie burn. So if you are not a sports enthusiast or don’t have the opportunity to train properly at home, don’t give up: tidying the house, DIY or gardening are also excellent ways to provide your body with positive benefits!

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