Keep an eye on our social media this month to discover a treasure hunt shot in the Moka region and inspired by the famous TV game show, Peking Express! This four-round show in Moka Smart City was produced jointly with the Pop TV team and brings a good dose of adrenaline - and fun. Are you ready for the adventure?

Moka Express is an unusual orienteering race with two teams of two competing against each other in different events – finding hidden objects in Moka, solving riddles, winning challenges, etc. Team cohesion and speed were required to have a chance of crossing the finish line first!

This original production is the result of a partnership between Moka Smart City and PopTV, a famous Mauritian web TV based in Moka! The channel was launched in late 2020 by the comedian, Vincent Duvergé and is followed by more than 80,000 people on Facebook, and over 39,000 on YouTube.

Each of the two teams participating in Moka Express was composed of a member of Pop TV (Vincent Duvergé and Lydia None) and a person selected through video casting on social media (Corélie Collet and Vincent L’Indolent). The pairs had to pull together and show efficiency during the different events: the winning team would receive 2 two-night all-inclusive stays at Shandrani Beachcomber Resort & Spa!

Moka Express, a fun – and demanding – show

This entertaining show also highlighted the values and assets of Moka Smart City: a rich variety of leisure services, growing commercial operations, focus on sustainable development, etc. The participants had to use the modes of transport available in Moka to move around, compete in well-known places of the smart city and much more in order to solve a riddle. “It was a great adventure that allowed me to discover many places and services in the city that I didn’t know about before,” says Vincent Duvergé.

The other participants were also won over by the game and the Moka region. “There were lots of surprises! And I really fell in love with the city, even if I am a native of Moka and have witnessed the development of the area,” says Corélie Collet. Vincent L’Indolent also enjoyed the experience, which gave him the opportunity to push his limits and learn about the region. “It made me want to move to Moka: the city has a lot to offer in terms of spaces, services and amenities,” he says.

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moka express, escrime, poptv
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But as Vincent Duvergé confirms, this adventure was far from being a piece of cake for the participants. “When I weighed myself after the last day of shooting, I realised that I had lost three kilos,” he says. This shows that the teams gave their best during this crazy race!

Aired from the 14th of November to the 5th of December 2021 on the Facebook pages of Moka Smart City (FB : @MokaSmartCity) and PopTV (FB : @POPTV), Moka Express can now be streamed by clicking on the buttons below.

Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4

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