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Moka Smart City continues its efforts!


08 Jun 2020

Moka Smart City continues its efforts!

Throughout the lockdown period and even now that our lives are slowly getting back to normal, Moka Smart City has organised a string of initiatives to raise awareness about the coronavirus among the people of the region and help the most vulnerable families in these difficult times. A little throwback to two months of prevention and solidarity efforts.

Moka’s team on all fronts!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Moka has been actively supporting people living and working in the city. Its teams have been working flat out, from awareness-raising through entertainment, fundraising and a blood donation campaign!

The reason is that solidarity and mutual assistance are central to the actions of Moka Smart City, which has held these values as its slogan to get through the crisis period and encourage its residents to take action: “Ansam anou ed nou vwazin, nou kartie ek nou lavil!” ((Together, let’s lend a hand to our neighbours, our neighbourhood and our city.)

The fundraising has yielded Rs 193,931 - of which Rs 150,000 have been generously donated by the Moka’mwad citizens’ collective. This amount went toward purchasing 120 meal packs, which were distributed to needy families with the support of ENL Foundation and volunteers from the region. In addition, Rs 10,000 from the proceeds were donated to the NGO, FoodWise Mauritius.

At the same time, 10,800 items of dairy products were donated by FoodWise Mauritius to underprivileged families in the Moka region. The distribution was done by Moka’mwad volunteers and ENL Foundation.

Finally, 169 pints were collected through the blood drive organised over four days in Moka.

Let’s continue our efforts together: Moka’s awareness campaign

Moka Smart City remains vigilant as we gradually resume the course of our lives. Indeed, in order to encourage the people living and working in the region to behave in a civic and responsible manner, the city and its citizens’ collective, Moka’mwad are running a major awareness campaign.

The billboards for this campaign can be seen since 29 May at the entrance of Moka, Bagatelle, Kendra and Les Allées as well as on the road to Côte d’Or. The aim is to avoid a second wave of the epidemic by reminding people of the preventive measures to be taken every day and spreading the key messages of Moka’mwad, “Swiv bann mezir pou evit enn deziem vag lepidemi.” (Take the necessary measures to avoid a second wave of the epidemic.)

“The pandemic has not yet been contained and the danger has not yet been averted. We must be even more vigilant with the easing of lockdown. We have therefore launched this citizens’ campaign to encourage people to behave in a civic and responsible manner in order to avoid a second wave of the epidemic. Strong messages and preventive measures are conveyed through a number of billboards in Moka,” says the Moka Brand Manager, Raphaëlle Lamusse.