The long-awaited opening of the very first Decathlon store in Mauritius will finally take place on 13 May 2021 at Bagatelle. The brand is bent on transforming our approach to sports. Are you ready for the winds of change that are blowing through our island? 3... 2... 1... Off we go!

“Our days are very busy and our nights are getting shorter and shorter! We can feel the adrenaline pumping: a lot of work has been done over the last few weeks, always with joy and good humour, and we are really looking forward to opening our doors to the Mauritian public,” said Yannick Doger de Spéville, Leader Commerce & Development at Decathlon just a few days before the grand opening. The scene is set!

With a 2,500m² retail space featuring over 60 different sports and a 500m² playground to inspire Mauritians to try new sports while allowing them to test the products and equipment on sale, Decathlon is sparing no effort for a successful rollout on our island.

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Taking a fresh look at sport

Yannick sees this opening as “the beginning of a wonderful sporting adventure” and shares Decathlon’s philosophy, “Our ambition is to encourage the Mauritian people to exercise more by making sports more accessible to all – and in a sustainable way. We don’t only appeal to the most seasoned athletes, but also to amateurs who take up some sport for their well-being and the quest for discovery and sensations.” In addition to offering a wide range of equipment for over 60 sports, the brand focuses on providing excellent value – which contributes to its position on the international stage – in order to awaken the Mauritian people’s enthusiasm for sports.

Decathlon’s recruitment sessions have been organised in keeping with this vision. In a fun-filled and sporty atmosphere, 70 people attended over two days workshops of all kinds highlighting the values of the group: team spirit, inclusiveness and conviviality. An amusing experience for the company, which can proudly claim that its store will be manned by true enthusiasts, who will be ready to assist all visitors in their search for equipment!

Moka, a sporting city

Moka Smart City is truly pleased to welcome the first Decathlon store in Mauritius. It positions itself as a sporting city with a long-standing commitment to encourage its residents and users to get daily exercise. The result: healthier lifestyles, and the joy of sharing the strong values that are imparted by sports participation: team spirit, conviviality, excelling oneself, mutual support and much more.

Bagatelle is also a strategic location for the brand. Yannick Doger de Spéville tells us a bit more:

The excellent connectivity and central location of Moka are a genuine advantage for us. We hope that this will help us attract a lot of people from the very first days of opening the store. Furthermore, we are happy to work with ENL, whose values based on sustainability, inclusiveness, people and innovation are equally dear to us in order to help our brand flourish in Mauritius

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See you on 13 May at Bagatelle for what is already shaping up to be a great sporting moment!


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9 Responses to “Opening of Decathlon store in Mauritius”

May 13, 2021 at 12:31 pm , tivadee said:

jai connu Decathlon en Italy , suis bien contente qu’on a sa Maurice.
Trop Top…Bonne Chance…


May 13, 2021 at 9:14 pm , Seelodharry said:

Show catalogue


May 20, 2021 at 10:03 am , Moka Smart City said:

Please visit for the catalogue.


May 15, 2021 at 12:38 pm , Ariane de robillard /kaemper said:

Do you sponsor gym instructor s.
I have a studio in the north ,
My clients will surely buy all the equipments and clothing I wear as well equipments I use .. 
thanking in advance for quick reply.
Ariane de robillard / Kaemper 


May 19, 2021 at 10:10 am , Moka Smart City said:

Dear Madam,
Your message was sent to the marketing department of Decathlon Mauritius. Please send your request by mail on


May 17, 2021 at 10:54 pm , Gourdin Eric said:

Bien conseillé. Manque un peu de variétés de produits rayon articles de peche, espoire pour l’avenir. Des prix pour toutes les bourses. Espère une continuité.


May 20, 2021 at 7:40 am , NAECK Hitraj said:

Show your catalogue


May 20, 2021 at 10:01 am , Moka Smart City said:

Please visit for the catalogue.


May 30, 2021 at 2:19 pm , Prakash said:

I have known Decathlon in Mumbai, India, where I was very impressed regarding the space and Large number of sports items and equipment. We really needed a specialised sports equipment shop like Decathlon here and it has become a reality. Good initiative👍


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