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Smart City Mobility Challenge: A mobility challenge for startups


23 May 2019

Smart City Mobility Challenge: A mobility challenge for startups

Mobility is a key challenge for the development of a city. This is why Moka Smart City is teaming up with Turbine, ENL Group’s business incubator, to launch the Smart City Mobility Challenge. The contest’s goal: to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of the city.

Moka, an innovative and inclusive city

Self-driving cars, shared mobility, intelligent solutions for car parks… The possibilities for innovative and ecological mobility are endless. This competition targets startups from near and far, encouraging them to explore, and even anticipate, the various possibilities that meet the needs of Moka. As a result, a variety of themes will be assessed, such as the connectivity between the different neighbourhoods (both the existing ones and the ones in progress), the improvement of public transportation, and the reinforcement of a more innovative, citizen-centric approach.

Through this project, Moka Smart City hopes to cement its position as an innovative city. “This challenge is totally in line with our objectives: to be open to ideas and develop new solutions, all while supporting the creative and entrepreneurial ecosystems,” explains Sarah Boulanger, Business Development Manager of Moka Smart City. This initiative is only one of the ways through which Moka is nurturing startups, and by extension promoting entrepreneurship, adding a strong participatory element to its project.

An international competition

The Smart City Mobility Challenge is targeting both Mauritian and foreign companies. The call for applications, which closes on June 24th, is aimed at startups from the following countries: Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, France, South Africa, Sweden, Singapore, Reunion Island and Madagascar.

The applicants must have proven experience in this area. They must have already implemented a mobility solution in their relevant markets, or in an African country. They will also have to demonstrate the tangible results of their services, as well as their revenues. These startups must have a solid management team, consisting of at least three people, which will allow them to open an office in Mauritius for the implementation of their project, should their project be selected.

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Backing the winner

By the end of June, six applications will be shortlisted if they meet the selection criteria. In July, foreign participants will be invited to Mauritius to pitch their ideas in front of a jury. The chosen project will be piloted in Moka before being promoted to other clients across the island.

Moka Smart City will sign an exclusive contract with the startup covering a one- year renewable period. Beyond providing marketing support, the city may also fund the startup’s operational costs of USD 2,800 per month during the first year.

The winner will also receive technical, financial and legal support from the event’s sponsors. PwC Mauritius, the accounting firm, will provide its expertise in matters of market research, while Compass, ENL Group’s venture capital firm, will disburse up to USD 40,000 to fund the project. ENS Africa, a law firm, will provide its legal assistance on transportation regulations. Turbine, for its part, will make its co-working space available to the startup.


For more information on the Smart City Mobility Challenge click here.