If you liked the first issue of Mokazine, then the good news is that the 2020 issue of this annual magazine is filled with the latest news and developments in Moka Smart City. Get a sneak preview of what’s inside!

The best places to eat in Moka? The purpose of our new IoT platform? What the future Moka Park will look like? Flip through Mokazine #2 to find out all this and much more! Our teams have gone deep into the heart of the island to meet its people, uncover its best-kept secrets and bring you the latest news about the smart city’s development.

The “Bigger Picture” section of the magazine focuses on a topic that is very important to us: resource optimisation. In keeping with the concept of “citysmarting” underlying our developments and innovative ideas for designing the city of the future, we show you the main aspects of this sustainable development strategy. You will learn all you need to know about our voluntary drop-off points, water management, LEED ND environmental certification and photovoltaic farms, among others.

Moka Smart City’s General Manager, Samuel de Gersigny shares his pride about this second issue of Mokazine and the wealth of material it contains, “There are two findings that emerge from the crisis we are currently experiencing. First of all, the importance of solidarity – and I am extremely proud of the spirit shown by the people of Moka and our team over the last few months, as you will see in the pages of Mokazine. The other observation is the importance of building an environmentally conscious city for everyone’s well-being. We present a comprehensive explanation of this approach, which drives our vision, in the Bigger Picture section. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together!”

As usual, Mokazine also features the 10 best photos posted on Instagram with the hashtag #mokacoeurdelile. You too can use this hashtag to have the chance of getting your best photos published in our next issue!

Some 15,000 complimentary copies of this second issue of Mokazine are being distributed since 20 November 2020 to residents, retail outlets, institutions and businesses in Moka and Saint Pierre.

Check out the digital version here.

We wish you an enjoyable reading!