The Moka Showroom has opened in November 2020 on the ground floor of PwC Centre, across from Telfair Square. It offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about Moka Smart City and its residential or commercial developments. Take a tour.

How can we introduce people to the full potential of Moka and allow prospective residents and users to project themselves into their future city? This question has long been raised by the smart city’s teams. They started looking for a nice spot to welcome those interested in what Moka has to offer and wanted to provide a dedicated space to best showcase the city’s features and commitments.

This gave rise to the idea of setting up a showroom in the heart of Telfair, the future city centre of Moka Smart City. “It is a strategic decision. Telfair will soon be a comprehensive neighbourhood with shops, offices and housing for a well-balanced lifestyle in a modern and vibrant setting. It reflects everything we aim to develop in Moka, and it is a pleasure to be able to share this vision with the city’s future users,” says ENL Property’s Head of Sales, Sébastien de Robillard.

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The showroom basks in a warm atmosphere. With a bistro on premises, it is much more than a commercial space: those who want to discover Moka Smart City can connect with each other in a relaxed setting while enjoying a cup of coffee or lunch. A great place for people to meet! It owes its appeal to an eight-metre-long model representing the entire smart city, which enhances the customer experience. Prospects can figure out the layout of Moka and how its different parts connect with each other. “This model enables us to fully understand our ambitious yet responsible development over the coming years. It reflects the latest developments in the region and even its future expansion,” says Sébastien.

The development of Moka is part of a visionary master plan that was established more than twelve years ago. The integrated urbanisation of the region is aimed at promoting responsible and innovative developments that can best meet the ever-changing expectations of the Mauritian people. This resolutely forward-looking city focuses on four key pillars to achieve such a goal: optimal and innovative resource utilisation; community involvement and collaboration between private and public stakeholders as well as citizens; creating new economic opportunities for all; and the provision of a better quality of life through a continuous and agile improvement process. The city of tomorrow will therefore be a smarter and more responsible destination!

You will find Moka’s sales team at the showroom from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. Those who are unable to come in person can take a virtual tour of the showroom by clicking here. The experience is sure to leave you impressed! Come see us at the showroom or online to find out more about Moka Smart City’s ongoing developments and smart initiatives.

2 Responses to “Welcome to the Moka Showroom”

June 16, 2021 at 10:51 am , Jacqueline said:

Es ce que la visite est payante svp ?


June 18, 2021 at 4:14 pm , Moka Smart City said:

Chère Madame,
Le Moka Showroom est un lieu où est exposée la maquette de la Smart City de Moka. Vous pouvez y aller gratuitement si vous désirez en savoir plus sur la Smart City de Moka et ses projets résidentiels ou commerciaux.


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