Les Versants de Courchamps: the properties sold like hot cakes!

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22 Jul 2019

Les Versants de Courchamps: the properties sold like hot cakes!

Of the 54 lots on sale, 53 of them have already found buyers in a matter of a few weeks. And now the infrastructure works begin.

A breathtaking view of the mountains, the gentle lapping of the soothing Cascade river, the bustling district of Helvetia only a stone’s throw away; Les Versants de Courchamps had it all… and it certainly didn’t disappoint! It only took a few weeks for ENL to sell almost all (53 out of the 54 properties) of the high-end allotments dedicated to Mauritians. Mikaël Le Luron, Head of Marketing at ENL Property, was hardly surprised by this outcome: « We adopted a direct sales approach, » he explains.

« Building in harmony with nature »

How? « By targeting those who have shown prior interest in a residential property in Moka.» This approach, underpinned by technology, did not take long to bear fruit: « After a month, most of the lots had found their buyers.» The investment amount: between Rs 4.9 million and Rs 14 million, depending on the surface area (from 759 to 2 586 m2) for a freehold property. « This success speaks volumes about the expectations of Mauritians when it comes to housing, » shares Mikaël Le Luron, who believes that  « comfort, modernity and proximity have become the key words that most impact the purchase deed.»

les versants de courchamps, vivre a moka, terrain residentiel a vendre

There is no doubt: the lifestyle here tempting, to say the least. Nestled in lush nature only a few steps away from schools, shopping malls or Helvetia’s sports centre, this residential complex is ideally located in close proximity to all amenities. « We have established a set of strict specifications to be able to build in harmony with nature. We particularly favour raw materials like stone, wood and water, » explains Olivier de Spéville, Head of Residential Properties at ENL.

Moka, a coveted region

Courchamps is the name of a new residential neighbourhood in Moka, mainly dedicated to high-end and mid-end allotments. « Les Versants de Courchamps » is the latest introduction to the project, following « Les Rives de Courchamps » designed for people below the age of 40, and that offered 80 rather affordable leasehold properties. This double commercial success is a testament to the attractiveness of the region: Moka, under the aegis of ENL, has transformed itself into one of the most coveted regions of the island. Its assets? A complete and diversified offer, planned around the concepts of live, work and play.

With direct access to two highways and close to major urban areas, the agglomeration of Moka also owes its vibrancy to its shopping centres located within earshot of Courchamps (Bagatelle Mall, Les Allées, Kendra) and its business districts (Vivéa, Bagatelle, Telfair.) The world-class schools and universities, as well as the nearby sports and wellness centre, make Courchamps a family-friendly neighbourhood and a great place to live.