Moka Smart City is strongly committed to improve citizens’ mobility while reducing road traffic on the island. For this purpose, the city has teamed up with Commute App to develop an application that promotes and facilitates carpooling in Mauritius. Yes, you don’t have to live or work in Moka to use it: the application works wherever you live in the island!

It is now easier for you to get around the island while reducing your CO₂ emissions with Commute App! This Danish start-up is currently developing a dedicated interface of its mobile application for Mauritius as commissioned by Moka Smart City. The application allows you to find or offer rides from your smartphone in a few clicks.

Promoting carpooling is a priority for the smart city in order to help relieve traffic congestion on the island and improve our daily comfort. Carpooling means less traffic jams, less stress, less pollution – and greater sharing!

“After spending more than a year testing different carpooling applications, we have opted for Commute App for a number of reasons, such as an optimal user experience, a presence on five continents including Africa, an integrated messaging module allowing easy communication between each trip’s participants and an innovative business model,” says Moka Smart City’s Business Development Manager, Olaf Boullé, explaining why the teams chose this application. It can actually be downloaded and used free of charge. The icing on the cake is that users earn “carbon credits” for their travels, which can be exchanged (using the app itself) to get discounts in local partner stores – with a list that will grow over time.

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It is really quite simple to get started: users (drivers or passengers) only have to download the Commute App on their phone directly from Play Store or App Store. On registration using their mobile number, the application will identify the country of origin and propose the “Mauritius” interface. Users can then find passengers and drivers travelling a similar route to theirs, as well as a list of local stores to redeem their credits.

Commute, commute app, covoiturage, carpooling

Moka Smart City is promoting the app in Mauritius and wanted to be involved in the launch of the service in the country through overseeing the marketing function and developing the partner store network. It also provided feedback in order improve the application’s Mauritius interface (addition or deletion of functionalities). However, Commute App operates independently from the smart city – which will not have access to individual user data, for example.

Like all online platforms, including Airbnb and eBay, the number of registered users plays a significant role in making carpooling easier. Then don’t wait any longer and download Commute App now!

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