The electric scooter has made its way to Moka Smart City. The Apollo Scooters brand is distributed and represented in Mauritius by Brothers Mobility Ltd and is already winning over the citizens and businesses of Moka – they all want to try this new practical, environmentally friendly and fashionable transport mode. Get into the trend!

A time-saving mode of commuting

We often spend a lot of time in traffic jams or looking for parking on intracity trips. Time saving is therefore a clear benefit of this new form of mobility. Imagine the ease of riding a scooter to get to the mall or a business meeting – a great way to improve business productivity.

ENL Property’s Head of Sales, Sébastien de Robillard will certainly not say otherwise,

“The company provides us with scooters. My car has been sitting in the car park most of the time since September 2020! I live in Helvetia and work in Telfair. There’s nothing more enjoyable than the freedom of doing this trip with my scooter, while taking in the amazing view of the Moka Range. Many colleagues also use scooters to get to meetings and even visit clients in the surroundings.”

A cleaner alternative

“Short car trips cause more pollution! The engines are not hot enough and release more greenhouse gases and particulate matter into the air. It is therefore better for the environment, but also for people’s health, to use a scooter. These two values are embedded in our DNA,” says Moka Smart City’s Business Development Manager, Olaf Boullé.

A well thought-out initiative

The users have already been won over and are enjoying the wind-in-your-hair excitement of riding along the 2km section of the Promenade from Telfair to Helvetia, which will soon pass through Saint Pierre up to L’Avenir. Parking areas will be provided around Ascencia’s shopping precincts (Bagatelle Mall, Kendra and Les Allées) and the amphitheatre – which has turned into one of the city’s most lively areas through the work of the Moka’mwad collective – as well as near the Synergy Sports & Wellness Institute. Every detail is thought out to help city dwellers transition to this form of soft mobility.

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A global craze

This means of transport has taken the world’s most influential cities by storm in recent years: the e-scooter has become a common sight in cities like New York, San Francisco, Melbourne and Paris. Dare to show your support for sustainable development by joining the movement!

Go scooting!

Two Apollo Scooters are sponsored by Moka Smart City. Contact the director and co-founder of Brothers Mobility Ltd, Thibault Harel for more information:

T: 58 40 46 02

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