The first ever Electric Mobility Show in Mauritius was held on World Electric Vehicle Day on 9 September 2021 at Vivéa Business Park. Here’s a glimpse of this day filled with discoveries!

The Electric Mobility Show was hosted by Moka Smart City and Oficea at La Piazza, Vivéa. The aim was to promote more eco-friendly transport options on our island through providing the opportunity to try different types of electric vehicles. The show was open to professionals working at the business park and residents of the smart city.

A number of electric vehicle companies were present at the show throughout the day, from 10am to 6.30pm. They displayed their scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, cars and more, encouraging visitors to opt for soft mobility in their daily lives. There was a wide selection of vehicles to try out at leisure and make the most suitable choice.

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An impressive list of partners

Many companies took part in this event: the Porsche and Nissan brands, Ginza Motors, Autonexx (MG), Leal (BMW, KIA and Mini), Leal Energie (e-buses, utility vehicles and charging stations), Axess (Jaguar), Moda Mobility (hoverboards and electric bikes), Brothers Mobility (electric scooters), Decathlon (electric bikes), Gäupems (electric bikes and scooters), Ecoasis (solar charging stations), CommuteApp (carpooling app) and Rose Hill Transport Bus (e-buses).

Their sales teams were on hand to answer visitors’ questions, provide them with information on the operation and benefits of each type of vehicle as well as concrete ways to cater to their desire to purchase. To this end, business partners such as MCB Leasing, AfrAsia and Rogers Capital also attended the show.

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Moka confirms its commitments with the Electric Mobility Show

Moka Smart City is committed to promoting soft mobility in order to reduce our environmental footprint, with a focus on little or non-motorised alternative means of transport. The Electric Mobility Show was held in this context, in order to move in this direction with the users and residents of the area.

“We strive as a smart city to enable everyone to live in better harmony with the planet. We are trying to use this show to connect the people of the city with a very important part of our work: sustainable mobility,” says Moka Smart City’s Business Development Manager, Olaf Boullé, who supports this claim.

While demand for electric vehicles is still emerging in Mauritius, the smart city’s team believes that such a show can have a positive impact and influence. Is there actually a better way to win the public over than to give them the chance to try their hands on these vehicles? Presenting the entire product range available in one place and sharing clear and direct information on these new means of transport should certainly encourage the Mauritian people to make the transition.

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The success of this first Electric Mobility Show is promising. We can already look forward to a second edition in 2022, maybe at another venue and in a different format to further encourage people to discover electric mobility. To be continued!

A word from the exhibitors

“Brothers Mobility is very pleased to take part in the Electric Mobility Show. Our company has been in business for one year and this initiative gives us the opportunity to gain visibility, network and meet potential partners. We believe that there is a market for electric scooters in Mauritius. Moreover, we have partnered with Moka Smart City to provide a small fleet of scooters to people working there. We are confident that these vehicles will become increasingly popular in Mauritius, especially with new bike paths like those created by the smart city.”

Thibault Harel, Manager, Brothers Mobility Ltd

“It was important for us to be there to kick off a campaign to raise awareness of the 2021-2022 Budget announcements. This event allowed us to showcase our new electric bus that combines comfort, safety and environmental protection. The bus was designed to maximise passenger comfort. It is an ideal vehicle for shuttle services in places like Moka Smart City.”

Prakash Ramiah, COO, Leal Energie

“The aim of our presence was to bring more visibility to electric cars and raise awareness about them in Mauritius. All the Jaguar and Land Rover models sold by Axess are equipped with a hybrid engine. We expect the entire range to be 100% electric by 2025. Electric cars have many advantages, especially in terms of maintenance costs that are lower than a traditional car with a combustion engine.”

Emmanuel Cox, Quality Coordinator, Axess

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