The Promenade’s new water fountain is in service since 5 February 2021 at the Helvétia intersection and is part of the city’s sustainable development vision for the region. We spoke with Moka Smart City’s Business Development Manager, Olaf Boullé to learn more about this smart initiative.

This very first drinking fountain is in line with Moka’s sustainable development plan, bringing Moka Smart City one step closer to environmental responsibility! It is the first phase of a larger-scale project that aims to encourage the people walking around and working in Moka to reduce their use of plastic bottles by providing water points throughout the city.

Moka Smart City has worked with a local company, Zilo Water to bring this pilot project to life. The system implemented consists of a primary filter and an active charcoal filter to guarantee perfect drinking water quality. For smooth operation of the fountain, the company will carry out regular checks to maintain its quality standards – and provide fresh, clean water for everyone!

“This is another step in our fight against PET plastic bottles. We already collect a certain amount of them through our waste sorting bins located throughout the city for recycling and preventing them from ending up in the landfill. The fountain will enable people to use metal flasks, for example, which maintain the water’s temperature while being reusable,” says Olaf Boullé about the ambition of the project.


This first fountain is located along the Promenade at the Helvétia intersection. “Since the lockdown period, we have noted that the Promenade has grown in popularity among the people of Moka, who go there for a walk or to get some fresh air every day. Helvétia is the most developed and populated area of the city, and was therefore a natural choice for the installation of our first water fountain to allow passers-by and residents to refresh themselves,” says Olaf Boullé.

If this test fountain proves successful, several others will be installed along the Promenade and in other high-traffic areas: the Telfair amphitheatre, Les Allées shopping centre in Helvétia, but also ultimately the future Moka Park.

Moka Smart City is strongly committed to promote sustainable development and minimise its environmental footprint through a range of smart initiatives – such as waste sorting bins, incentives to promote soft mobility, green energy and the current public drinking fountain project – in order to create a better future for all!

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