LEED-ND has been developed to inspire the creation of more resource- and environment-friendly neighbourhoods worldwide. Moka is in the process of achieving this certification, offering us the opportunity to rediscover together the Smart City’s ten commitments for a more sustainable future.

Moka believes in designing more responsible cities and has embarked on the LEED-ND certification process in 2018 to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable and environmentally sound development. Upon completion, the city will be the first urban development project on the island – and one of the few in Africa – to obtain this designation.

Moka’s sustainable commitments

Moka Smart City is supported in this project by Prodesign Engineering Consultant, a LEED-ND Accredited Professional in Mauritius and is committed to:

  1. Implementing developments in harmony with nature: Moka aims to minimise its environmental impact by building away from water bodies, natural habitats and wetlands. At the same time, the smart city is working with an ecological consultant to implement strategies to restore and preserve habitats and wetlands.
  1. Creating connected neighbourhoods: With a 5.5km-long pedestrian and bike path, the Promenade connects the different neighbourhoods of Moka, encouraging soft mobility.
  1. Offering a diversity of housing options: There is a wide choice of housing for all budgets and needs in Moka, with the aim to encourage social and economic diversity for overall well-being.
  1. Designing mixed-use environments: Moka has designed sustainable neighbourhoods with a range of different developments including residential, office, retail and open spaces. They are accessible to all and encourage new, healthier lifestyles.
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  1. Promoting a different kind of mobility: The city’s long-term goal is to offer an 18km connected pedestrian network! Its urban layout has been designed for the safety and comfort of pedestrians. The roads will be lined with deep-rooted trees at maximum intervals of 12m to provide shade for pedestrians and reduce the urban heat island effect.
  1. Turning to environment-friendly transportation: Moka’s cycle network consists of 20km of bike-friendly streets. Sufficient and safe parking will also ultimately be available to encourage this practice.
  1. Designing green buildings: There are already two LEED-certified and one ISO 50001-certified buildings in Moka! The city’s commercial property developer, Oficea is working to ensure that all future commercial projects in Moka are green through architectural and technical specifications that support our partners in meeting these requirements.
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  1. Encouraging recycling: Moka currently has four household waste drop-off points and a wastewater treatment system as well as a composting site under development. The goal is to encourage smarter and more resource-efficient consumption among city residents and users.
  1. Producing renewable energy: The city’s five photovoltaic farms produce a total of 2,353 kWp (kilowatt-peak) per year. This is equivalent to the average annual consumption of 2,000 Mauritian households!
  1. Providing public transportation: Moka’s public transportation strategy is under preparation and aims to increase weekday and weekend service to the smart city’s various stops while increasing the number of stops within a 400m walking distance of residential and commercial areas.

LEED-ND, an ambitious programme for people and the environment

LEED-ND stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Neighborhood Development. It is the most widely used programme in the world, with more than 98,000 certified projects in 175 countries and territories.

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LEED-ND’s long-term goals include protecting and restoring our resources, ecosystems and their biodiversity; creating a greener economy; enhancing the quality of life, health and well-being; and improving social equity and environmental justice.

We are proud to line up with many other projects around the world to create a better world for future generations!

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