Baz’Art Mokaban, your new gourmet rendez-vous in Moka

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23 Jun 2020

Baz’Art Mokaban, your new gourmet rendez-vous in Moka

The opening of Baz’Art Mokaban, the new 100% local gourmet eatery in Moka, took place on Friday 12 June 2020. We were there to test this food outlet, which is set to become the ultimate eating destination for people living and working in the region. Come and discover with us!

It’s 11am. A group of onlookers have gathered in front of the Shell filling station in Moka. The reason explaining this is the opening of Baz’Art Mokaban! The menu features the best of Mauritian cuisine, from roti flatbreads to gato-koko sweets made from coconut, poudinn may (corn pudding) as well as citronella and tamarind drinks prepared by a team of able and smiling ladies to meet everyone’s expectations.

We found it hard to choose from the variety of roti served and chicken won ton! We therefore placed a group order to avoid missing out on anything: this allowed us to share and taste all the dishes on the menu! “The opening went really well; we had a lot of customers. Mokaban is very well situated for Loretto College students and people working at Vivéa Business Park, who haven’t taken long to come and visit us!” says Baz’Art Kreasion’s coordinator, Priscilla Vencatapillay.

A joint initiative by ENL Foundation and the Baz’Art Kreasion teams, Mokaban aims to uplift and empower women from the most vulnerable families in the region. It gives them the opportunity to earn a fixed income while putting their cooking skills to good use for the enjoyment of passers-by, locals and people working in the surroundings! Located next to the pedestrian entrance to Vivéa Business Park, Mokaban has the potential to become the favourite place for an early morning snack or a quick lunch!

This project reiterates ENL Foundation’s desire to support local businesses and enable everyone to benefit from its know-how. Mokaban follows up the work started by Baz’Art Kreasion to help women from the most vulnerable neighbourhoods in the heart of the island to earn a fixed income and develop their skills in order to improve their safety and well-being. The Baz’Art Kreasion boutique located by the entrance to Vivéa Business Park promotes their craftwork while encouraging upcycling: it provides a sales outlet for the accessories and decorative objects made by the association.

Baz'Art Mokaban is open Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 3pm.