Ketty Lim Ka Lan joined ENL almost four years ago to manage the Moka’mwad citizen collective and events in Moka Smart City. Coming from a sales background, it’s purely by chance that she landed this job in event management – a kind of revelation for her! Ketty is passionate about her job and brings her energy and enthusiasm every day into showing the true soul of Moka.

You weren’t originally destined for a career in event management. What made you throw yourself into this adventure?

It was actually a beautiful coincidence. After working in sales for ten years, a friend contacted me because the Porlwi festival team was looking for a project manager and she couldn’t take up the offer. My parents have been working in the event industry for years and I have always enjoyed this world. I knew it was made for me from the moment I took my very first steps. So I jumped at the opportunity in 2017, when I saw an ENL ad on social media. Especially since it was a project that was close to my heart: I have family in Moka and my son often comes here. I really wanted to be able to make a difference in Moka.

What’s your working day like?

Actually, no two days are alike! There is the purely events side of my job, which consists in managing the happenings hosted by the smart city, such as the Open-Air Cinema and the Moka Trail. I also act as a facilitator for our collective, Moka’mwad, which undertakes joint initiatives with our citizens, such as blood donations, clean-up and awareness campaigns, first aid training and the annual Neighbours’ Day to engage with them. My responsibilities include preparing and planning events, finding sponsors and meeting different people, which is my favourite part of the job. Ultimately, it’s like a big family that we are forming; our staff are more than mere workers, and we are forging bonds with and among the people of the city. It’s such a pleasure to come here and we have so much in common that it is much more than just going to work every day.

ketty lim ka lan, moka trail
la fête des voisins, ketty lim ka lan, moka

Can you tell us about an event that particularly marked you?

There are so many of them! If I had to choose one, it would be the Moka Trail. It’s a very powerful moment and a real lesson of trust. It’s a unique, eye-opening human experience where teamwork is essential. With regard to Moka’mwad, I would undoubtedly choose the annual Neighbours’ Day, which was set up in 2019. It’s quite a joy to be part of the event, which takes place in the different neighbourhoods of the city on the last weekend of November to strengthen the bonds between the citizens of Moka. You can feel the mutual support and the feeling of delight expressed every year. You are welcome with open arms and it’s a great moment of sharing.

don de sang, blood donation, ketty lim ka lan
les kocottes, la kocotte moka'mwad, ketty lim ka lan
moka'mwad, ketty lim ka lan, enl

What are your plans for this year?

We have many projects underway. For example, in the coming months, we are launching La Kocotte Moka’mwad, a meeting place for regular activities. We will be offering language, dance and drawing classes, as well as monthly soft skills training sessions for our volunteers to thank them for their hard work. The “Balad dan Moka” outings will also resume in the near future. We are working closely with our partner, Keep The Pace to enable people to enjoy the city in all its glory. With other initiatives like blood donations, turning wasteland into shared gardens for the people of Moka, first aid training – “Moka’pav sov enn lavi” –, a Zumba Night Out, a travelling library to promote reading, an end-of-year barbecue to thank our volunteers and the Neighbours’ Day, the rest of the year promises to be more exciting than ever!

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