The 100% local brand, Helios Eyewear opened in June 2021 its new showroom in Moka, right next to the Plastinax Eyewear factory in the Saint Pierre area. Let’s take a tour.

Did you know that Helios Eyewear was the first locally made brand of eyewear to be launched in 2010? This eco-friendly eyewear manufacturer holds the famous Made in Moris label, a seal of quality on the island. For those unfamiliar with its wide range of products, now is the time to find out!

The new Helios Eyewear boutique in Moka is a spacious and pleasant place with a warm atmosphere, where you will find the brand’s various sunglasses and optical frames. A comfortable area is also available where clients can wait and try on their glasses, as well as a play area for the delight of younger visitors – all in compliance with health requirements.

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When trying on glasses under the guidance of the friendly staff, you will notice that Helios Eyewear’s trendy and attractive adult and children’s models are also very comfortable, providing maximum eye protection (UV rays, blue light from screens, etc.). The icing on the cake is that this ENL group’s brand is attentive to its impact on the planet; it is constantly innovating and looking for environmentally friendly materials. Hence the various eco-friendly eyewear collections available in the boutique – Helios Eyewear takes responsible production very seriously!

Helios, a brand committed to “Be the Change”!

You may be tempted to buy sunglasses made of wood fibre or treated natural bamboo: the frames’ look and feel will give you a unique look – they are also lighter than regular glasses! As an added bonus, you are sure to make an environmentally friendly purchase: with this type of material, your glasses will decompose more naturally, without releasing any harmful products if they are thrown away or lost.

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Helios Eyewear also offers recycled plastic glasses made from its own plastic waste and old pairs of glasses! The brand encourages its customers to return broken or old glasses (all brands are accepted) in exchange for a good discount on a new pair. If you want to give a second life to old glasses while fighting plastic pollution, visit the boutique before 25 September 2021 and bring along your old eyeglasses. As part of the “See-cond Life Project”, you will receive a 20-25% discount on a pair of the brand’s eco-friendly glasses!

Finally, to fulfil its eco-friendly commitment, Helios Eyewear has developed a solution to inject plastic from PET bottles into its glasses: an innovative upcycling process that helps reduce the waste created on our beautiful island of Mauritius. In this context, Moka Smart City is currently working on an eco-friendly project in partnership with Helios Eyewear – stay tuned for more details!

To check out Helios Eyewear’s collections, just go down to the boutique located in the Saint Pierre Industrial Zone (near the Plastinax Eyewear factory) from Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 6pm and on Saturdays from 9.30am to 4pm.

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