Do you know about Le Wagon? This international company has finally established in our country through the Honoris Educational Network. Its internationally recognised coding camps and now accessible to Mauritians!

Honoris United Universities – the largest Pan-African private higher education network with a presence in a dozen African countries – has obtained in 2020 exclusive representation of Le Wagon in Africa. Their first country of establishment is Mauritius, and more specifically Moka, where Les Kocottes has welcomed this global leader in tech education.

les kocott
Les Kocottes

The bootcamps will follow the same format as in about forty other Le Wagon campuses around the world. A first Web Development bootcamp will be launched by May 2021, and the inaugural Data Science bootcamp is scheduled for 2022. Two learning formats are available: a full-time bootcamp spread over 9 weeks, or a 24-week part-time bootcamp with two evening classes and one full Saturday per week.

A normal day at the Web Dev Bootcamp

A typical day begins with a one and a half hour theoretical session, the only one where learning takes place within a conventional teaching format. Le Wagon actually focuses on practice, sharing and teamwork. “We want to prepare our students for corporate life,” says Laura Martin, Project Manager for Le Wagon Africa at Honoris United Universities.

The students work through some coding exercises in pairs from 10:30am to 5:30pm, and they work in different pairs every day in order for everybody to get to know one another. At 5:30pm, the entire group takes part in a review of the exercises. The day officially ends at 7:00pm, but Le Wagon hosts complimentary public events several times a week, typically conferences by entrepreneurs or technical workshops. Always stay updated by following the Facebook page of Le Wagon Mauritius!

During the last two weeks of the programme, participants will learn how to make a Web app; the final day will be dedicated to a presentation of the applications open to the public.

Practical information

The first full- and part-time Web Dev bootcamps are scheduled to start in May. Each year, Le Wagon will run 4 full-time and 2 part-time bootcamps.

The course content is in English, the language used for coding; however, the teachers are bilingual and discussions will be conducted in English or French. “We bring in Le Wagon accredited instructors, usually former Le Wagon graduates, from Paris in order to maintain the quality of the courses. Over time, we hope to have a Mauritian teaching team!” says Laura.

For whom Le Wagon’s bootcamps are designed? Various audiences are targeted. There are three main profiles: young university- or school-leavers, entrepreneurs and finally those preparing a career transition. Laura herself worked in finance before branching out into tech through Le Wagon. “I enjoyed this amazing human experience. We developed strong bonds by spending so much time with the other students, working in groups,” she says.

Did you know that you are eligible even if you don’t have any previous coding experience. The only criterion for admission is motivation.

What's next?

If you are interested in the Web Dev bootcamp, please contact the team through the Wagon website, sign up for the newsletter and book an appointment for more information.


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