Lockdown is often linked to work-from-home, and work from home often means Zoom or Team meetings!

You’ve come to the right place to add a more casual vibe and cheer up your meetings, with our custom wallpapers celebrating the colours of Moka! Whether you prefer mountain landscapes, lush nature, aerial views of Pieter Both or the heart of the island, Bagatelle or Vivéa, we have created 14 different wallpapers to suit your liking!

Our custom wallpapers are easy to install:

  • Teams: When configuring the audio and video settings before a meeting, choose the wallpaper filters under the video image. Then simply download your Moka wallpaper.
  • Zoom: Once you are connected to the app, go to Room Management, and then Zoom Rooms. You will be able to access your account settings (top of page) and choose the wallpaper images. You only have to download your image of Moka before starting your call!

If you like the idea, click on an image below and download as wallpaper!

Download via Google Chrome

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