Moka is a city on the move where you won’t have time to get bored. In addition to the leisure and other activities available, it enjoys a central location close to the island’s main motorways. In less than 30 minutes by car, you can reach the heights of Chamarel or an idyllic beach in Grand Baie – and indulge in kitesurfing at Le Morne within 1 hour!

Indoor leisure activities

Whether at night or in the rain, there is always plenty to do for children and adults alike in Moka, including shopping centres, indoor sports facilities, bowling, cinema or a kids’ playground. A wide range of activities for every budget.

Outdoor leisure activities

There are well-maintained green areas for a picnic with family and friends as well as public outdoor sports facilities. Get away from the city to take a deep breath of fresh air. Try out paragliding with Hans for breathtaking views of the mountain range and the surroundings. You can also join Keep the Pace’s expert teams for a walk at sunrise or sunset, or even a night under the stars in the Moka Mountains (Le Pouce, Pieter Both, Deux Mamelles, etc.)!

Our best ideas for you! 4 hidden nature spots in Moka

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Bassin Dallmazzi

Bassin Dallmazzi is just in front of Ti Chevrette restaurant in Moka. It is one of the region’s hidden gems with mountain views, clear water as well as freshwater turtles, and you will be blown away by the atmosphere of the place! A tall tree also casts some shade on the edge of the river basin. For family outings, walks and discoveries this summer! Don’t forget to capture the moment on Instagram!

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Bassin Loulou

This river runs alongside the main road to Saint Pierre. Hidden behind houses and trees, Bassin Loulou is a natural spot with a beautiful clearing. Ideal for picnics.

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Bassin Canard

Pont du Pouce is a forgotten part of the city. You can see the beautiful spectacle of a flock of
ducks performing their dance in the river basin beneath the bridge every day. Take this
opportunity to discover the hidden beauty of the place and the many animals that call it
home. Bassin Canard is a must-see in Moka!

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There is a beautiful stretch of water surrounded by greenery near Le Pouce in Saint Pierre. To reach it, make your way to the foothills of the mountain via the main road, then turn right and let the sound of the water guide you. Goune is well worth the trip to enjoy a swim or relax!

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