Moka is a safe and peaceful city where you feel perfectly secure at all times with two police stations (Moka and Saint Pierre) as well as high-quality public and private hospitals in close proximity. Moka Smart City has implemented new initiatives in its area to make you feel safer, including patrols, CCTV surveillance and an emergency number.

Smart City initiatives

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Avacor response patrols

Moka Smart City has turned to the security company, Avacor to ensure regular car patrols around the city. They can call the police, but they can also act directly in case of problem.

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Smart CCTV

More than a hundred cameras have been installed in Bagatelle, Courchamps, Helvétia, and Concordia, and more will be installed soon in Telfair and l’Avenir. These smart cameras are connected to the Moka Security Hub located in Vivéa: a 24/7 operational control room. They keep an eye on (almost) everything, including trucks dumping waste in nature or vehicles parked in restricted areas!

Security hotline for Moka’s residents

Should you have any difficulty with the national emergency telephone numbers or if help is slow to arrive, feel free to call the Moka Hotline to report any problems in the following areas: Bagatelle, Telfair, Helvétia, Courchamps, Vivéa and L’Avenir. You will thus contribute to the safety of the city and its residents!

Avacor will send a patrol in the following cases: suspicious person or vehicle; theft or attempted theft, including with violence; arson; vandalism; burglary; medical assistance; domestic and sexual violence. The primary responsibility of Avacor’s security officers will be to send a request for assistance to the relevant authorities.

Avacor may also respond to cases of vandalism, disturbance, loitering, illegal parking or littering at the Telfair amphitheatre and the Promenade. In such cases, the public is requested to call the hotline first for immediate response.


  • Please note that Avacor’s security officers do not replace the police or fire services.
    Always call a national emergency number before contacting the Moka Security Hotline
    in an emergency.
  • Avacor’s response service and emergency number are private initiatives that are only
    available within Moka Smart City’s area.

Emergency Numbers

Moka Security Hotline 5260 1515
Police Emergency 999 / 112
Moka Police Station 433 6512
Saint Pierre Police Station 433 4211
SAMU 114
Wellkin Hospital 132
Fire Services 115
Abuse 113 / 199

Public refugee centres

Victims of natural disasters (floods, cyclones, etc.) or abuse can take refuge in one of the centres in the region:

Mount Ory Social Community Centre
Royal Road, Mount Ory
T: (230) 433 2139

Saint Pierre Social Welfare Centre
Royal Road, Saint Pierre
T: (230) 433 5658