14, 21 & 28 April from 8pm to 10pm
Facebook Live

As we focus on human strengths, resilience and capacity to think for a better world, a series of conversations now comes to life within the festival MAMA JAZ.  These will be live streamed on MAMA JAZ’s official Facebook page & Youtube channel.

Wednesday 14th of April | 20h – 22h
Making a Living as a Music Practitioner 
Panelists: Elvis Heroseau, Jason Lily, Jean-René Bastien, Deeran Moorghen, Gary Mach
Mediator: Jerry Léonide

Wednesday 21st of April | 20h-22h
Relevance & Life of Festivals
Panelists: Bruno Raya, Astrid Dalais, Jimmy Veerapin, Lionel Permal, Emilien Jubeau
Mediator: Jean-Luc Ahnee

Wednesday 28th of April | 20h-22h
Nation-building, Decolonisation and Human Life: Towards a National Policy for Culture and the Importance of Promoting Artforms
Panelists: Joseph Tsang Mang Kin, Rama Poonoosamy, Lindsey Collen & Dr Hans Ramduth
Mediator: Anupah Makoond