By day or by night, Moka’s heart is always beating
  • Sharing a drink with friends or colleagues at Bagatelle

    Bagatelle offers a variety of options for those wanting a casual evening to meet up with friends or colleagues and share a drink while having a chat, catching up on the news, remaking the world, making new acquaintances – and above all, chilling out.

    You can choose between having an afterwork drink at Flying Dodo, watching a football match in the lively atmosphere of Foot 5’s bar or playing a game of indoor football, if not enjoying a delicious dinner in the pleasant atmosphere of Savinia Bistrot.

    Sharing a drink with friends or colleagues at Bagatelle
  • Jazz @ Moka’z

    Enjoy a true moment of relaxation at Moka’z after a busy day. The place is a platform for musical expression at the crossroads of various musical influences. Spoil your ears and taste buds at the same time!

    Jazz @ Moka’z
  • Art exhibitions at MGI

    The Mahatma Gandhi Institute counts among the places in Moka where you can indulge your passion for the arts, culture and history. In addition to its Folk Museum of Indian Immigration, you will have the opportunity to visit exhibitions by artists from a wide variety of horizons.

    Art exhibitions at MGI
  • 3D movie experience at Bagatelle

    Add a new dimension to your viewing experience by going to the movies at Cinema Star, Bagatelle. Their screening rooms equipped for 3D projections offer an immersive experience of the latest blockbusters, some of which are shown in original version.

    3D movie experience at Bagatelle
  • Bowling fun at Strike City

    Whether it’s a strike, a spare or a split, playing bowling is a fun experience that you can enjoy at Strike City. Test your concentration, balance, accuracy and skill!

    Bowling fun at Strike City