By day or by night, Moka’s heart is always beating
  • Live your daily life to the full

    Moka is a city where, from morning through evening, there is always something interesting to do, see and taste – a city which oozes nature and authenticity.

    Live your daily life to the full
  • Breakfast @ Moka’z

    Boost your energy levels with a strong, hot espresso, a cappuccino or a milky coffee. Pair your morning coffee with an omelette, salted or sweet crepes, pastries or a sandwich. Having breakfast in a trendy coffee shop atmosphere on the terrace at Moka’z is the perfect way to start your day!

  • Early morning jogging

    There’s no better than a morning jogging session in the calm surroundings of Moka to gently awaken your body. Fill your lungs with fresh air and soak up the scents of nature to set you up for the day!

    Early morning jogging
  • Local market shopping in Saint Pierre

    Spend the entire morning wandering around the stalls at the bazaar in Saint Pierre and pick your choice from a colourful display of fresh fruit and vegetables, surrounded by enchanting smells of herbs and spices.


    Local market shopping