By day or by night, Moka’s heart is always beating
  • Having fun after school with your little friends at Les Allées d’Helvétia

    The Helvétia neighbourhood provides a safe and healthy environment where your kids will get a chance to take time to be kids. After school, they will have a great time playing with their little neighbours and experiencing the simple joys of childhood.

    After school
  • Keeping fit at the Synergy Sport & Wellness Institute

    After a hard day’s work, set aside a little time to focus on your life balance.

    Head off to the Synergy Sport & Wellness Institute in the Helvétia neighbourhood to relieve your stress and work on maintaining your health. The centre offers personalized coaching, a fitness centre, a heated swimming pool and tennis courts, among others.

    Keeping fit
  • Escaping into the wild nature of Moka

    The landscapes around Moka are home to a wealth of natural wonders, offering the perfect outdoor playground for sports enthusiasts to enjoy, or simply for a leisurely stroll. Connecting with nature will help you relax, recharge your energy and restore your physical and emotional well-being.

    Escaping into the wild nature of Moka