By day or by night, Moka’s heart is always beating
  • Business parks fusing nature with technology

    The benefits of relocating to Vivéa Business Park or Bagatelle Office Park in Moka include a strategic geographical location, a work environment fusing nature with technology and a fulfilling work environment.

    Companies will have access to human-sized buildings imbued with charm and modernity, with strict construction guidelines to maintain their quality over time, well-maintained green spaces and the required enabling infrastructure to support their establishment and growth, such as high-speed fibre optic connectivity and ample parking.

    Business parks fusing nature with technology
  • A commercial and financial hub promoting innovation

    The Central Business District at Telfair will be an innovation hub that will host the headquarters of multinational companies like PriceWaterhouseCoopers, positioning itself as the financial and commercial epicentre of the Smart City.

    The office buildings will be laid out along the streets and the main square with shops and restaurants on the ground floor.

  • Working spaces that stimulate thinking and the sharing of ideas

    Entrepreneurs will find in Moka the conditions necessary to stimulate thinking, the sharing of ideas and creativity. The infrastructure available, such as the Turbine, an incubator and accelerator for innovative young start-ups, and The Hive, a co-working space, have the potential to act as catalysts for their success.

    Working spaces