Mauritius captures the imagination, not only because of its beautiful beaches and abundant forests but for the unique lifestyle it offers as well.
Businesses and foreign nationals relocating here find a beautiful, peaceful, and welcoming country with a fiscal system that presents plenty of opportunities.

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The Climate

With its tropical climate, Mauritius enjoys pleasant sunny weather all year round. Here, the seasons are opposite to those of the northern hemisphere. The summer months last from November to April and the temperature on the coastlines varies between 25 °C and 34 °C.
Winter (which lasts from May to October) is cooler and drier, with the average temperature fluctuating between 22 °C and 26 °C. Ocean temperature varies between 22 °C and 29 °C all year round.
The Moka region is reputed for its temperate climate. Nestled in the heart of the island, it lies in an ideal green spot where you will avoid the heat of the coasts and the high plateaus’ cold winds.

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Internet Connection

Mauritius is connected to the SAFE (South Africa-Far East) submarine fibre-optic cable. Many internet service providers operate in Mauritius, with the leading players being Mauritius Telecom and EMTEL.
ADSL, fibre-optic cable, 3G, and 4G are all available in Mauritius, and even though you won’t enjoy the same speeds as in Europe, internet connectivity is very stable. Fibre-optic internet is steadily becoming available to more users across the island.

Discover Moka’s technological advances

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Health Services

Mauritius offers a vast choice of medical and emergency health facilities. These include public hospitals (five regional hospitals, two municipal hospitals, and numerous specialised facilities) and several private hospitals.
Access to healthcare is free in the island’s public hospitals, and even though private hospitals are somewhat expensive, the service they offer is excellent. So much so that Mauritius is now recognised as a prime destination for medical tourism.

Good to know:

The Moka region is home to the largest private hospital on the island, the Wellkin Hospital, as well as a reputed ophthalmology facility, the Moka Eye Hospital.

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In addition to free public schools (even at the tertiary level), the island counts many French and international private schools known for their high excellence standards.

Private schools regulated by l’Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Étranger (AEFE) :

Private institutions following English curriculum

Schools offering alternative education:

Tertiary Education

Tertiary education is becoming an asset for Mauritius, as many students from Africa and Asia choose to study here. The island’s growing number of tertiary education facilities stress academic excellence and education, which prepares students to be citizens of the world. The island’s leading tertiary schools include:

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Mauritius is a shopping paradise, with numerous malls (the largest of which is found in Moka) stocking leading local and international brands.

  • Some shopping suggestions:

    • Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius, in Moka
    • Kendra Shopping Centre, in Moka
    • Les Allées, in Moka
    • So’flo
    • Phoenix Mall
    • Riche Terre Mall
    • Bo’Valon Mall
    • Grand Baie La Croisette
    • Grand Baie Cœur de Ville
    • Flacq Cœur de Ville
    • Cascavelle Shopping Village

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Nautical Sports

The warm waters of the Mauritian lagoon are the perfect playing ground for water sports aficionados.
Did you know?
Moka is only 30 minutes away from the island’s best beaches.

  • Some suggestions:

    • Catamaran trips
    • Dolphin and whale watching
    • Kayak
    • Stand-up paddle
    • Kitesurfing
    • Windsurfing
    • Surf
    • Big game fishing
    • Water skiing/sea kart
    • Snorkelling/scuba diving/underwater walking

Did you know?

Mauritius and Rodrigues have kitesurfing spots that rank among the best in the world!

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If you love the great outdoors, you’ll love Mauritius. The island offers plenty of places to explore and breathtaking panoramas to match, from towering mountain tops to lush valleys. Whether it’s hiking, trail running, mountain biking, quad biking, or canyoning that you’re into, you’ll find the Mauritian inland to be the perfect playground.

  • Suggested spots:

    • Le Pouce
    • Moka Smart City’s trails
    • The Eureka waterfall
    • Casela Nature Park
    • Heritage Nature Reserve
    • Ebony Forest Chamarel
    • La Vanille Nature Park
    • Domaine de l’Étoile
    • Domaine de Sept Vallées
    • Chamarel, 7 Colours Earth
    • La Vallée de Ferney
    • Gros Cailloux
    • Île aux Aigrettes
    • Le Domaine de Bois Chéri
    • Electric bike rides or Fat Bike with Explore Nou Zil
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Fancy hitting the tee on weekends? Mauritius is a golfer’s paradise with several championship courses – including some on the international circuit – with unique challenges for you to enjoy. The island plays host to many prestigious tournaments including the Afrasia Bank Mauritius Open and the MCB Tour Championship.

  • Some recommended choices:

    • Four Seasons Golf Club Mauritius at Anahita
    • Heritage Golf Club
    • Mont Choisy Le Golf</li
    • Île aux Cerfs Golf Club
    • Links Golf Course
    • Paradis Golf Club
    • Tamarina Golf Club
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When it comes to spots to socialise and hang out with friends, Mauritius leaves you spoilt for choice.

  • Suggested places:

    • Flying Dodo in Moka
    • Backstage Lounge Bar at Hennessy Park Hotel
    • Banana Beach Club
    • Big Willy’s
    • Lakaz Cascavelle
    • Sunset Café Grand Baie
    • The Irish Pub
    • Le Bar & Vous
    • Insomnia Nightclub
    • Mystik Life Hotel
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Cultural events

The Mauritian cultural scene is booming. From concerts to plays, stand-up comedy, festivals, and exhibitions, the island’s event calendar is always full! You can discover what’s on offer here:

  • for events in the Moka region
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Mauritian Culture and Religious Festivals

Mauritius is a cultural melting pot made strong by prevailing social peace and respect for diversity. Mauritians of European, African, Indian, and Chinese origin live in harmony on this island where Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism are practised side by side. Independent since 1968, Mauritius is a democratic country where human rights are enshrined in the constitution.

  • Discover these beautiful places of worship

    • Saint-Louis Cathedral
    • Notre-Dame-Auxiliatrice Chapel in Cap Malheureux
    • Jummah Mosque in Port Louis
    • Ganga Talao at Grand Bassin
    • Kovil Sockalingum Meenatchee Ammen
    • Kwan Tee Pagoda
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Local cuisine

Mauritian cuisine is a blend of European, Creole, and Asian flavours, and every dish represents our island’s unique cultural heritage.

Street food is an integral part of the Mauritian culinary heritage, with an incredible diversity of flavours available on every street corner. Moka is full of these little culinary discoveries.

  • Don't miss these best places to eat

    • L’Escale Créole (Creole cuisine) in Moka
    • Bazart Mokaray (Mauritian cuisine) in Moka
    • Le coin Barbu (Bistro) in Moka
    • Opium (Chinese cuisine) in Bagatelle, Moka
    • Sitar (Indian cuisine) in Bagatelle, Moka
    • L’Ardoise (French bistro) in Helvétia, Moka
    • La Clef des Champs (Mauritian and French cuisine)
    • L’Atelier Littéraire (Mauritian cuisine)
    • The Rumery of Chamarel

Explore the Mauritian culture and its street food by participating in a cultural tour organized by My Moris or Taste Buddies!

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Historical Sites

Discover historical landmarks that pay tribute to the first Mauritians, and serve as reminders of our 400-year strong immigration history.

  • A few suggestions

    • Euréka La Maison Créole in Moka
    • Aapravasi Ghat (UNESCO World Heritage)
    • Le Morne Brabant (UNESCO World Heritage)
    • Fort Adelaide (La Citadelle)
    • Jardin botanique de Pamplemousses
    • Heritage Le Château
    • Le Batelage in Souillac
    • La Maison de Saint Aubin
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Museums and Art Galleries

Mauritian museums offer the opportunity to become immersed in the island’s history, heritage, and way of life and learn about the men and women who shaped it. In our art galleries, discover the classical paintings and contemporary art that showcase our local artists’ talent.

  • Follow the guide

    • Blue Penny Museum
    • The Museum of l’Aventure du Sucre
    • Natural History Museum of Mauritius
    • Naval Museum of Mahébourg
    • Museum of Photography (Port Louis)
    • Mauritius Postal Museum (Port-Louis)
    • Imaaya, contemporary art gallery
    • Ilha do Cirne
    • Dock 13

Some great tips for having fun in Moka