A land of opportunity

  • <p>Global Information Technology <br />2016 Report</p>

    Global Information Technology
    2016 Report

    1st in Africa
    49th in the World
  • <p>Doing Business 2017<br />World Bank </p>

    Doing Business 2017
    World Bank 

    1st in Africa
    49th in the World
  • <p>Global Competitiveness<br />Index 2016-2017</p>

    Global Competitiveness
    Index 2016-2017

    1st in Africa
    45th in the World
  • <p>Mo Ibrahim 2016<br />Index of African Governance</p>

    Mo Ibrahim 2016
    Index of African Governance

    1st in Africa
  • <p>Best Countries for Business<br />Forbes Survey 2017</p>

    Best Countries for Business
    Forbes Survey 2017

    1st in Africa
    39th in the World
  • <p>Social Progress<br />Index 2016</p>

    Social Progress
    Index 2016

    1st in Africa
    40th in the World
  • <p>Democracy Index 2015<br />Economist Intelligence Unit</p>

    Democracy Index 2015
    Economist Intelligence Unit

    1st in Africa
    18th in the World
  • <p>Economic Freedom of the World 2016 - Fraser Institute</p>

    Economic Freedom of the World 2016 - Fraser Institute

    1st in Africa
    5th in the World
The benefits of residing in Mauritius
  1.  A favourable tax regime:
    •   Low individual and corporate taxation (a flat rate of 15%)
    •   No inheritance or capital gains tax
    •   Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements with 43 countries including UK and SA
  2.  A non-citizen having held a residence permit for a continuous period of 2 years and having made an investment of USD 5 million or more in Mauritius is eligible to apply for registration/naturalization as a citizen of Mauritius
  3.  Members registered under the Mauritian Diaspora Scheme are exempted from:
    •   Income tax for 10 years
    •   Customs duties of up to MUR 2 million on the purchase of a car
    •   Customs duties on repatriation of their personal or household belongings
The benefits of the smart city scheme
  1.  Contribution towards a more responsible future development of Mauritius
  2.  An improved quality of life with access to modern and well-diversified infrastructure
  3.  Residence permit in Mauritius for property acquisitions worth USD 500,000 or more
  4.  Property on freehold ownership
  5.  No restriction on rental or resale of residential units
  6.  Third-party developers will enjoy:
    •   An 8-year tax holiday for real estate development companies
    •   The opportunity to market their projects with foreigners
  • The island at a glance
  • The Mauritian Art de Vivre