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What is it?
A family-oriented residential neighbourhood.

What does it consist of?
  • Private French-language schools: kindergarten, primary and secondary education
  • A shopping centre with a supermarket, restaurants, shops, a pharmacy, a wine shop, a hairdresser and a spa
  • The Synergy Sports & Wellness Institute with a heated swimming pool, tennis courts, group sessions, fitness/cardio-training room and therapists/doctors
  • A diversified residential offer with apartments, duplexes and land for sale
What is its architectural style?
  • Tree-lined walkways and rows of semi-detached duplexes painted in pastel shades with direct road access. Warm family style.
Who are we targeting?
  • The neighbourhood has been designed to cater to young professionals and families.
What advantages does it offer?
  • Schools, sports and shopping centres within walking distance in a safe environment
  • A neighbourhood that is expected to expand further with a new residential offer, an English-language school, a country club and a garden for children
  • Extremely well located and serviced through the A7 Road and Côte d'Or Road
  • By end 2018, it will be accessible from a large pedestrian avenue, “La Promenade”. Separate paths will be available for pedestrians, cycles and motorised vehicles

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