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What is it?
A commercial area.

What does it consist of?
A new bus terminal with commercial activities that will complement the offer already available at Kendra. A light industrial office park, a waste sorting and recycling centre as well as an educational and cultural area will be available around this retail area.

What is its architectural style?
The style varies between sectors. Human-scale 2- or 3-storey buildings that have been thoughtfully planned and designed in a harmonious and environmentally conscious manner.

Who are we targeting?
Small- and medium-sized local and international enterprises as well as retailers.

What advantages does it offer?
  • Downtown Saint Pierre has strong market potential
  • The area will evolve into a lively and better organised commercial centre
  • A new terminal will impart a new momentum to the area
  • In the long run, “La Promenade” will be extended to the bus terminal and a 100% electric tram line running along the avenue will connect all the areas of Moka Smart City. The bus terminal will serve as the departure and arrival point for all the city’s transport services

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