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What is it?
The future city centre of Moka Smart City

What does it consist of?
Education and healthcare hubs, a cultural area and a central business district.

What is its architectural style?
The 4- to 8-storey buildings have been thoughtfully planned and designed in a harmonious and environmentally conscious manner, in compliance with the LEED certification system.

Who are we targeting?
The country's medium and large sized enterprises, multinationals that wish to establish their regional headquarters in Mauritius, universities and healthcare operators.

What advantages does it offer?
  • A high level of urban activity
  • A strategic location with direct visibility from the Saint Pierre Bypass Road and excellent accessibility from the A7 Road and the Saint Pierre Bypass Road
  • By end 2018, Telfair will be connected to the Helvétia neighbourhood through a large pedestrian avenue, “La Promenade”. Separate paths will be available for pedestrians, cycles and motorised vehicles
  • All the daily conveniences and services (parking facilities, cafés, bistros/bars, student residences, restaurants, supermarket, etc.)
  • Business facilities such as parking space, a hotel and meeting rooms

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