What is a Property Management Association?

Property management associations are provided for by the Mauritian Civil Code and aim to build, maintain and manage services and equipment of mutual interest (including roads, networks, parking areas, wastewater treatment plant, green spaces, city ​​safety, hygiene and cleanliness etc.)

Why a Property Management Association for a Smart City?

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The Economic Development Board, in collaboration with the French and Mauritian Chamber of Notaries, devised a new juridic model inspired by French property management associations. This new model, designed to meet the requirements of a modern city, is more suitable for Smart Cities. The Mauritian Civil Code was amended in 2018 to reflect this change. Land associations are essential for the good management of common spaces and their equipment and proffer many advantages including:

  • The possibility to be an active participant, and have your opinions heard, in your city
  • Based on fair and equitable contributions
  • Community integration

Voting rights

Your voting rights depend on the following criteria:

The viability (or not) of your land
The surface area of your land
The constructed surface area of your land

Your right to vote gives you the opportunity to be an active member of the community. Each year at the Annual General Meeting, you will have the opportunity to vote on the city's budget and on projects to beautify and improve the city's services and facilities.

Individual Contribution

The calculation of individual contributions is derived from the calculation of voting rights and applies to two categories of expenses:
General charges: Which cover the maintenance and administration of common spaces
Special charges: Covering common infrastructure, equipment, and facilities. These charges do not apply for agricultural land.

Contributions are mandatory and essential for the proper functioning of the city. They allow for:

  • A clean and safe city
  • The city’s embellishment
  • Well maintained public spaces
  • Ensuring the value of your property and your return on investment
  • To live in a convenient city which promotes the wellbeing of its citizens
Charges breakdown as at 31st of March 2021

Note :

  • No profit is made by Moka City Ltd on the contributions paid
  • All contributions are used for the maintenance of the various precincts and/or provisioned to ensure the deployment of new services/facilities
  • In addition to being compulsory, contributions are essential and necessary for the proper functioning of the city

View charges breakdown as at 30th of June 2020

Property Management Association for every level of the Smart City

Property Management Associations operate on three levels to guarantee a common aesthetic, and the identity of each area within the Smart City, these include:

  • City Level (Moka “The heart of the island”)
  • Precinct Level (Bagatelle, Telfair, Helvetia, Courchamps, Vivéa and l’Avenir)
  • Block level (smaller territorial units)

Each landowner will be a member of a property management associations at each level. They will vote at their block level and will be represented in the higher levels. Each level will be managed by administrators.

  • City Level

    The Moka Property Management Association operates at the City Level and basing itself on the covenant, is responsible for the following:

    • Security across the city
    • The management and administration of the city
    • Management and maintenance of large public spaces: The Park and the Promenade
    • Waste management and cleanliness of the city
    • The installation and maintenance of street furniture (street lighting, signage, street furniture, etc.)
    • Smart Initiatives: IoT, website, smart readers…
    • Accessibility
    • Communication across residents and organised events
    • Insurance
  • Precinct Level

    Each precinct which make up the Moka Smart City will be represented by their own property management association members whose mission is:

    • To maintain roads and green spaces
    • Management and administration of the precinct
    • Maintenance of the precinct’s facilities (sewage treatment plant, water, electricity, internet, etc.)
    • Adherence to our urban planning regulations and architectural specifications
    • Insurance
  • Block Level

    To better meet the needs of our clients and the Smart City’s residents, all of the city’s blocks will be run by individual property management associations. This decision will allow Moka to develop through a decision making process which tackles specific issues throughout the individual blocks of the Smart City.

    The Land Association will be responsible for:

    • Maintenance of roads and public spaces
    • Management and administration
    • Ensuring that urban planning regulations and architectural guidelines are respected
    • Insurance
Moka Smart City Management

The Administrator

Each property management association will be managed by an Administrator elected at a General Meeting.

  • Moka Smart City Management Limited is an ENL Property subsidiary appointed as the interim administrator of the parent property management association (AFM) and precinct property management associations (AFQs)
  • A smart city management company
  • ENL Property and Moka City wanted to manage the city through MSCML to ensure high-quality management and customer service
  • A team of 4 smart city management professionals supported by ENL Property’s cross-functional units: architect, urban planner, IT specialist, land surveyor, marketing specialist, etc.
  • Daily field presence

Managing the Property Management Associations: The role of the administrator

The Administrator’s mission is as follows:

  • Handling the management and administrative duties of common spaces and equipment in accordance with the covenant
  • The accounting and administrative duties of their association
  • Handling insurance and contracts respective to their association
  • Representing and defending the interests of each Land Association

The Administrator’s tasks will be supported by a committee. Composed of 3 to 11 members per association, the committee will assist and give directives to the Administrator and will act as go-betweens among the members of each association. Also elected by the General Assembly, the member committee plays a crucial role in applying good governance principles of the property management association.

A Well Planned Urban Concept

Discover the mode of governance of the city.