Moka, Smart City


The Smart City Scheme has been launched by the Government of Mauritius for the setting up of new and intelligent urban ecosystems across Mauritius in the form of mixed-use developments integrating office, business, residential and leisure components.


The Moka region is transitioning into a more sustainable and liveable city through the progressive rolling out of a concept of ‘citysmarting’ over the past decade. Stemming from a well-thought-out Master Plan, this flexible improvement process is continually adapted in line with the critical mass attained and technological advances. The core elements of the plan for a smarter Moka are: making optimum use of resources; offering an improved quality of life; fostering engagement with key stakeholders including the community and public authorities; and creating real economic opportunities.


Smarting Moka will be achieved through developing, delivering and managing innovative solutions in terms of improved road network connectivity and mobility, intelligent city planning and an eco-efficient approach to sustainability.

  • Road network connectivity enhancement
    Road network connectivity enhancement
    • Providing the infrastructure to support growing needs
    • Integrating this strategic location into a national concept of polycentric development to unlock its development potential
    • Expanding the existing road network’s capacity and connectivity to neighbouring areas
  • Improved mobility through public and non-motorised transport
    Improved mobility through public and non-motorised transport
    • Building a new bus terminal
    • Introducing dedicated bike lanes and a bike-sharing programme
    • Installing an electric tram system
    • Making way for a Linear Park – a green corridor for cycling and walking
    • Strategizing to ensure the timely availability of sufficient parking space
  • Intelligent city planning with carefully managed open spaces
    Intelligent city planning with carefully managed open spaces
    • Adopting a master planning approach
    • Implementing a set of architectural control guidelines
    • Setting aside 35% of the total land area for common and public spaces
    • Creating an open-air amphitheatre
  • Eco-efficient approach to sustainability
    Eco-efficient approach to sustainability
    • Installing a waste-sorting and recycling platform within the city
    • Using green energy and non-domestic water for common areas
    • Requiring compliance with efficient building design

Moka will develop as a place that promotes harmony with nature, inspires a healthy lifestyle and community living. Dynamic shopping, leisure and entertainment options will provide for a comprehensive lifestyle offering, making this cosmopolitan city a vibrant hotspot for visitors from near and far. It will also be an embellished, finely landscaped and youth-friendly city place where education is a fundamental pillar.

  • Meaningful relationship with nature & healthy lifestyle experience
    Meaningful relationship with nature & healthy lifestyle experience
    • Creating trail running tracks and an outdoor gym and fitness space
    • Establishing a green urban park for citizens
    • Preserving green corridors
    • Encouraging sports organisations and providing quality infrastructure such as the Moka Rangers Sports Club and the Synergy Sports and Wellness Institute
  • Leisure, shopping and entertainment in a vibrant location
    Leisure, shopping and entertainment in a vibrant location
    • Offering a high-end shopping and lifestyle experience at Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius
    • Providing for convenience shopping
    • Creating active street edges in City Centre
    • Expanding the accommodation offering with new hotel facilities
  • Urban embellishment
    Urban embellishment
    • Uplifting of existing bus stops
    • Planting of trees
    • Repainting of some places that may require an uplifting
    • Maintaining distinctive landscaping and quality directional signage
  • A youth-friendly city prioritizing education
    A youth-friendly city prioritizing education
    • Providing a complete education system covering from nurseries to schools, colleges and universities
    • Implementing an Education Hub Project including student accommodation
    • Developing dedicated residential projects targeting young owners

Moka will strive to create an inclusive city through effective engagement with the community and public authorities.

  • Social initiatives
    Social initiatives
    • Continuing to support the long-standing poverty alleviation programme implemented by the ENL Foundation
    • Providing material support to locally active NGOs such as the Love Bridge Project, Le Vélo Vert and La Belle Verte
  • Permanent dialogue with neighbourhoods and local authorities
    Permanent dialogue with neighbourhoods and local authorities
    • Providing an open platform for citizen engagement: the Kolectif Moka’mwad
    • Establishing recurring meetings with local authorities to determine the constituency’s needs
    • Promoting diversity and inclusiveness through the creation of a fair, open and welcoming city for all

Moka aspires to be a place that provides businesses with the quality infrastructure they need to invest in and create new clusters of innovation and excellence, while deploying the framework and capacity to unlock innovation.

  • Infrastructure for business growth
    Infrastructure for business growth
    • Developing quality business parks
    • Providing a business incubator to accelerate the growth of smart ideas
    • Creating a precinct to accommodate multinationals looking to relocate their international headquarters
    • Establishing education, financial and medical hubs
  • Unlocking innovation
    Unlocking innovation
    • Adopting an Open Data philosophy to promote innovative ways of improving the city and its services
    • Installing Wi-Fi hotspots
    • Providing a fibre optic backbone
  • Benefits
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