Moka has a strong connection with its natural environment in the dynamic heart of Mauritius.

Moka has already established a sure and credible footing through its multi-faceted, efficient and sustainable development and environment-friendly approach.

The expectations of families and businesses are changing and they will enjoy all the benefits of a centrally located, environmentally responsible and truly connected Smart City.

The value created by the city will drive innovation and economic sectors with a promising future in Mauritius. It will also provide a welcoming and accessible environment to live, work and play close to nature.

Moka is a constantly evolving yet caring city, at the crossroads of modernity and liveability, which is reflected in its truly Mauritian character, imbued with authenticity and elegance.


  • Centrally located and accessible
  • A well-developed and efficient road network
  • Close proximity to the main urban areas
  • At the heart of business
  • At the heart of nature
  • At the heart of entertainment
  • At the heart of life
  • The Smart City
  • Invest in Moka
  • Living environment