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Moka Trail will be back next year for the 9th edition.
Moka Trail

The Moka Trail is back with a unique 8th edition!

Calling all thrill-seekers, outdoor enthusiasts and lovers of breathtaking scenery: the Moka Trail will be back on 3 October 2020 with a “light” 8th edition!


The Moka Trail organising team wanted to go through with and give everyone the opportunity to compete in this symbolic event of Moka Smart City despite the current challenging situation. To that end, a lighter edition has been designed as a way to reconnect with authenticity, the primary value of trail running. This activity originally emerged from the motivation of runners to enjoy their sport in an unspoilt natural setting in order to bask in the beauty of the landscapes and learn how to get around with little or no assistance in a demanding environment for both body and mind. It promotes human relationships based on simplicity, friendliness, sharing and respect for differences.


The team has also made the most of health standards enforced in the country to offer you a completely safe event. This lighter edition will feature the launch of new marked trails that are kept clean year-round.


This year, participants will have four routes to choose from: Fun Jog (5km), Deux Mamelles (7km), Le Petit Both (14km) and Moka Range Challenge (28km).


Registration for the 4 races is already open: you can enter now on by clicking here.

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5 KM - Registration closed Fun Jog

This rather flat course without technical difficulty across sugarcane fields has been designed for walkers or novice runners. It is ideal for families and children from the age of 8 are allowed.


5 KM
7 KM - Registration closed Deux Mamelles

This new route introduced in 2019 has been designed for intermediate level runners. 

Update 14/09/20: The maximum number of participants having been reached, registration for the 7km race is now closed.


7 KM
14 KM - Registration closed Petit Both

This race will take participants through a spectacular pass between two of the most iconic mountains on the island, Le Pouce and Pieter Both. Trail running enthusiasts will be treated to beautiful landscapes and plenty of technical challenge.



14 KM
28 KM - Registration closed Moka Range Challenge

From the rough trails of La Laura to the foothills of Le Pouce Mountain, this race will test the motivation and endurance of participants this year again! An exciting technical challenge, Le Grand Pouce is the pride of the Moka Trail.


28 KM

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