Become a volunteer

Become a volunteer

Volunteer for an exciting experience!

Experience this event in a privileged manner by joining our team of volunteers. Each year, this event combines a fabulous sporting event with a humane experience!

  • This is a unique opportunity to dive into the heart of an exciting atmosphere and experience the event from the inside.
  • You can acquire and enhance your experience in sporting events.
  • You can share your enthusiasm and passion with the participants and other volunteers.

Want to join in? Register before 5pm on September 25th.  

All volunteers are invited to attend an informative meeting on Monday 28th September at 5 pm.

This meeting aims at providing information to volunteers about the activities taking place during the Moka Trail and the tasks which will be allocated to them. The meeting will be followed by refreshments.

Each volunteer will be entitled to a crew t-shirt and a lunch.