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Deux Mamelles


This new route introduced in 2019 has been designed for intermediate level runners. It is ideal for athletes from the age of 12 who want to burn off some energy in a spectacular setting with plains, forests and mountains.


This year, only 350 participants will be allowed to enter Deux Mamelles, with a variety of surfaces, climbs and descents that will add a touch of spice to the race, which offers a succession of spectacular landscapes!


Runners will start from the race village at La Laura before following a trail through lush green sugarcane fields, which takes them to the foothills of Deux Mamelles Mountain. The race ends with participants running through the heart of a lush forest. An incredible adventure!


Update 14/09/20: The maximum number of participants having been reached, registration for the 7km race is now closed.

7 KM
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