Moka makes it possible to have a successful career while remaining close to your children! The city has been developed for an optimum work-life balance with diverse options for parents. From nurseries to schools, find out how Moka brings working parents and their children closer together.

Children’s well-being is a priority that can be a source of stress for parents. From returning to work after giving birth to extracurricular activities and occasional emergencies, it’s no longer enough to be organised. Having your children close to your workplace gives you peace of mind while allowing you to spend more time with them and become more involved in their development. 

A nursery that supports cognitive development

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Some studies show that early childhood is the very foundation to develop a child’s social and academic learning ability. So it’s essential to find a nursery you can trust, one that promotes early childhood development. It’s even better to be around to witness the progress! Two such facilities are thus available to working parents in Moka. 

TiPouce at Vivéa Business Park welcomes kids from the age of 3 months between 7.15 am and 6pm, with a supervised early-learning programme to bring them closer to their parents. The CTC Child Development Centre in Telfair offers nursery, pre-school and daycare services in a dynamic environment. 

Primary and secondary schools

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The transition from nursery to school can be aanxious time. These pivotal years in a childs life are just as important for parents. They have to find a balance between work, helping with homework and attending meetings and major events while liaising with teachers and dealing with minor issues and emergencies. 

Regardless of the type of education you choose for your children, there are a number of renowned schools in Moka. From kindergarten to primary school, English-speaking private institutions include Clavis International Primary School and Dukesbridge (ages 3 to 11); Les Petits Futés (kindergarten) offers bilingual education while École du Centre (primary schooling) offers French-language education and Moka Government School is part of the Mauritian public education system. Secondary schools include Le Bocage International School (International Baccalaureate, ages 11 to 19); Collège Pierre Poivre and Lycée des Mascareignes (French system); and Loreto College of St Pierre and Mahatma Gandhi Institute Secondary School (Mauritian system).

After-school activities

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As all parents with children aged 5 to 18 years old know, this is a critical period to socialise and engage in various activities and passions – and time is often an issue! This key phase of learning and personality development may be the most demanding in terms of organisational skills with a lot of things to manage, including swimming and tennis lessons, sporting activities, meetings with friends and revision sessions. 

Fortunately, there are schools, cafés, Synergy Sport and Wellness Institute and Moka Rangers Sports Club within close reach to keep children of all ages busy. It’s easy to organise transportation for the little ones, while the bigger ones can get around on their own, by bike or on foot! 

6 thoughts that won’t stress you anymore:

  • Late for work again!
  • They forgot their sports bag in the car. What should I do?
  • My kids can’t play football, it’s too far!
  • The show... It’s tonight!
  • I can’t miss the PTA meeting.
  • When will I be able to talk to their teacher about...
  • How I miss my little one!

Being close to your loved ones will change your life for the better. Moka Smart City has well understood this and is planning land use with a global vision to promote a holistic family life balance.

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