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Make a safe real estate investment with a high potential yield
Implement your business in a strategic and central location
Do business in an ideal place with high quality of life and world-class infrastructure
Be at the heart of a well thought out development according to high quality standards
Join the trend!
Choose Moka Smart City:
the leading investment region in Mauritius
A strategic location at the dynamic heart of the island
The Smart City Scheme

Launched by the Government in 2015

An ambitious economic development programme

Aimed at consolidating the Mauritian international business and financial hub


  • By creating ideal conditions for working, living and spurring investment
  • By integrating the latest advances in urban planning and digitalised technologies
Existing facilities

World class "live, work & play" experience

All the daily conveniences within close proximity

Shops and supermarkets, banks, post offices, quality medical services, restaurants and bars, sports centres, leisure facilities and schools.

a mild climate

The perfect balance between the cooler climates in the uplands and the warmer temperatures along the coast.


Verdant setting and quality amenities

Moka is imbued with timeless charm and has preserved its authentic character with infrastructure fitting harmoniously into nature.

Rich and diverse leisure experience

Cinema, restaurants and bars, bowling, indoor football, various shops, music, theatre, arts and crafts... Moka has what it takes to position itself as one of the country’s cultural hotspots.

Effective connectivity

Every neighbourhood across the city has fibre-optic connectivity.

Comprehensive educational facilities

Nurseries, pre-primary, primary and secondary schools, universities, etc. Comprehensive French-and English-language education for all ages.

Moka Smart City,

a planned, eco-conscious and innovative city

Global surface area
570 hectares

A priviledged business destination

A destination under high demand and already chosen by numerous businesses for dynamic and pleasant work environment 

An excellent ROI over the last few years:
  • An average of
    rental yield on offices
  • An average of
    capital gain on residences (per year)
  • An average of 6.4% to
    rental yield on residences
  • An average of
    capital gain on land (for the past 10 years)
Investment opportunities
  • Invest in a residential property
  • Establish your office
  • Set up your showroom
  • Develop a project

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